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We're not being nosey!!

We're not being nosey!!

We just wanted to thank you all again for joining our Quit Support community and say well done for taking those important steps in your stop smoking journey. It’s really good to see the community coming together and helping everyone along in their journey. We have got over 200 members now; this is brilliant in a short space of time.

So that we can ensure that we are reaching everyone, it would be really helpful if you could provide us with the following information (This can be done on either your profiles or by sending us a private message);

•The county you live in - We appreciate our community is global and we already have members from across the pond but it’s really good to have an idea of where you are. We don’t need addresses but even if you can just put the county you live, this would be great ?

•Your stop smoking status - To help understand where you are in terms of your quitting journey, can you please let us know whether you have stopped (and when), if you have a quit date coming up or you are still just thinking about stopping? The best place to share this is on our ‘Wall of Winners’ page. You should be really proud of the decision you have made, so why not shout about it. Let’s get your name up there and celebrate ?

Wherever you are up to in your stop smoking journey, please feel free to share your stop smoking experience.

If you do have any questions please contact either myself or Emjay, we’re always here to help.

Well done and thank you again 8-)

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Good afternoon Claire, 200 last week and 203 as we speak! :) :) :)

I think that's pretty amazing and as I keep on saying, I couldn't have done it without this site. I feel I've been pretty fortunate that I haven't had lots of really bad side issues with my quit apart from the usual cravings mainly and am still feeling those quite a bit but I think distraction is the key to that for me. :)

Keep up the good work and it would be really good for more people to come and share their story and problems on here so they too can help people later on with their quit if they haven't stopped yet. :)


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