Welcome home -- Jilly Girl

Welcome home -- Jilly Girl

Aup Jillygirl, its just fantastic to hear your voice again gal :) :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your hols gal, and did you just pick the rite week or what !! :) :) mind you i did order the sunshine for you :D :D

God Woman have i missed you or what !! :( :( mind you i didnt get your post card :P huh i just wont send you one, so there :P :P

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  • OH! Pete thank you sweetheart. your a love.. What alovely welcome back. As for the postcard well you know what the post is like. always arrives too late. . Catch up tomorrow. luv ya . xx :)

  • Postmans been.

  • I aint half missed ya gal :( :(

    But now your back, corrrr your gona getit gal :D :D

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