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A happy Birthday for yesterday Lisa-Jane !!

A happy Birthday for yesterday  Lisa-Jane  !!

A BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lisa-Jane :) :D for yesterday !!

Happy Birthday 4 yesterday

Happy Birthday 4 yesterday

Happy Birthday 2 Lisa-Jane 4 yesterday

Happy Birthday 2 u 4 yesterday


So it was your first smoke free Birthday in 20 years, hmmmm so that makes you erm nooo i'm not even thinking of going there, cus i want to live a bit longer :o ;)

I hope you didnt put toooo much weight on yesterday :D :D think i'd best scarper !!

Pete :)

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Thank to Pete that's so sweet. Xxxxxxxx

It makes me 37 Pete!! Haha

Well we ended up staying in and eating which my son sort of prepared!! I say sort of at 18 its more of throwing things in the oven. But I pigged out anyway!! We shall be going out at the weekend which is why im going to be working my overalls off this week making sure this project is finished so I can relax this weekend.

I have put on nearly a stone and a half since I've quit smoking... And I enters to match that at the weekend!!! I seriously can't believe how good food tastes!! I known shouldn't but ummmmmm I'm already thinking about the restaurant in Saturday and a carvery on Sunday!! Just going to have to follow behind my son when he's off to the gym!


Hi Lisa-Jane, huh missed you again gal, :( hey thats just great gal, your 18 year old son cooking you a meal, even if he did just chuck it in the oven, its the thought that counts :) :)

Dont you bother about the weight gal cus if you can quit smoking, then you can do anything, including slimming, if you want too that is !! I know i'm an old boy, but i do like to see curves on a Woman :) :) not like some of these models nowadays :( they look like bean poles, just straight up and down :P :(

Look after yourself Lisa-Jane, am off to bed now speak again xx

Pete :)


Hi Lisa,

Happy Birthday for yesterday, enjoy the pigging out! :)


Happy belated birthday Lisa :D

Sounds like you got treated really well, and quite rightly so too :D

Enjoy your week long celebrations!


Thanks Andi and Emjay


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