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Happy Birthday Louby17

Hi Louby - I hope I am right and today is your birthday! I seem to remember that from one of your posts but now I'm wondering if I'm dreaming........ Anyway, Many Happy returns sweetie and I hope you are having a lovely time. I've just thought, this will be your last birthday as a smoker - isn't that an amazing thought!

Have a fabulous celebration and hopefully we'll catch up again soon

Love Chrissie xx :)

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Happy Birthday Louby xx


Happy Birthday Louby xx I suspect your getting on a bit now then gal :o you must be in your late teeeeeeeens ;) :|




Happy Happy birthday Louby,hope it's everything you want it to be.Hugs H


Aw thankyou chrissi, your right it was my birthday I had a lovely day :-)

How's your practice going :-) I stocked my locker at work up today with drinks and some sweeties lol, very excited :-)


Hi Louby, nice to hear from you again. I'm sorry for getting your number the wrong way around - I think I've got number dyslexia!!!! Great to hear you are getting prepared and yes, it is very exciting!

I'll try and catch up with you tomorrow night, have a great evening xxx


Thank you all, I'm sorry for the late response, I only just noticed the messages :-)

Wish I was in my late teans, then again don't think id want to go through all those sleepless nights buggies and pushchairs again, at least till I'm a grandma ha ha xx


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