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wooohooo 2 months yesterday since I quit..... :)

and it feels amazing.. except for the weight!! (she says as she pops another chicken wing into her mouth...nom nom)

I wanted to catch all you guys today to tell you a huge thank you for the support that you have given me. I don't think I would have done it without this site. Its a shame more people dont know about it.

I cant say this journey has been easy because its hard its tough points... the first 4 days were a nightmare Ive never been in bed for so long... then again when i went down to step 2 on the patches.. but I have just stepped down to step 3 and 7mg patch and I actually feel really good and none of the 3 days in bed thing this time..

My supposed week of rest and recuperation was thwarted by a last minuet job which has left me leaving the house very early and not getting back till after midnight!! usually when I am out I sign in via my mobile however I am working in Dudley at what feel like the top of a mountain... as it seems to have its own weather system!!! I literally have my head in the clouds!! but the views is absolutely AMMMMMMAZING!!

The reception for my phone is non existent up there ! so I have come home and read through the days chat. I will be working till at least thursday before i can get some time to get online when all you guys are about. its 1.15 in the morning and I have just finished eating my dinner........ not going to help the weight eating so late but my supper efficiency ran out yesterday and probably wont return till this jobs finished!!

But I just wanted to share a big thank you to all you guys for helping me keep going right from the start and answering any questions etc.. the support has been invaluable.....xxxxxxx

right I am off to bed I have to be up and out in ohhhhh 5 and a half hours.... :(

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Hi Lisa -jane, Lovely to hear from you. A BIG BIG WELL DONE on reaching 2 months. You have really done well. So glad your feeling better now. Will catch up later when your head is not literally in the clouds. take care. xx :) :) :)


Hiya Lisa, was wondering where you'd got to. Off to the wilds of Dudley eh, a bit different from the big city! :D :D

Congratulations on getting two whole months under your belt, isn't it great having that feeling of freedom? I think that's something to really hang onto to help along the way. Hope working too hard doesn't set you back in the health department and look forward to you being back with us next week.

Andi x :) :)


Wowser Lisa-Jane, a huge fat congratulations to you :D

I hope you found getting on here was quite easy with all these Gremlins knocking about :X

You have done ever so well and as you have found, the longer you stick it out, the easier it becomes. During the earliest days, it's the physical cravings that help to feed the psychological cravings which then increase the difficulty.... But only if you allow it :-/

Sounds like you're working some hours there. You take care of yourself and we'll look forward to hearing from you next were sometime :D

Well done to you :D


Hey there Lisa-Jane, flippin supadabaloobius gal, I knew you would do it :) :D :| ;)

See your working longer hours than me !!!! :( :( WOW poor you :( mind you, you are a lot younger, erm and maybe a little bit prettier than me !! :D :D best flippin scarper before you get back :o :o

Just before i go Lisa-Jane, you say we have helped you get through it, well i thank you too gal, cus i know that you have helped us, and i'm sure you have helped a lot of others with your comments, you have a good nights sleep gal, and sweet dreams xxxx

Pete :)


Congratulations Lisa -Jane, you've done amazing. 8-)


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