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Fun Weekly Challenge No 1 - Results - I Do Not Smoke

Fun Weekly Challenge No 1 - Results - I Do Not Smoke

After sifting through all our entries from Jillygirls challenge last week; Emjay and I have finally selected three winners! ;-)

They are (drum roll.............)

Name Category

Pete - Most Creative

Sue - Quick off the Mark

Andi22 - Scrabble Champ

Enjoy your cyber prize......

We'll be putting a new quiz on next week..... 8-)

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well done you three lucky people. :) :) :)


Well thank-you very much indeed. I couldn't have done this without the help of my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my manager, my agent, my life coach, my psychiatrist, my grand parents, my uncles, my aunts, the queen, the producers, ......................

Give up now, :o I guess as I'm first here I get first pick on which colour car I win? In that case I quite like red. :) :D :D :D


Dint want the red one anyways :P :P


Thank you thank you, didn't know my brain was up to it :D :D :D

think i'd like the black one please :) :)

Congratulations Andi and Pete :) :) xx


And congratulations to you too Sue. xx :) :)


Dint want the black one either :P :P


Well done Sue & Andi bigggg congratulations to you both :) :)

I would have given it to Sue, because she came up with about 20 something off the top of her head, i had to go a hunting for my answers.

Poor Jillygirl, she only got the booby prize - a budgie sounding oven timer !! :D :D


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