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A cyber postcard from holiday :-)

Good Morning Everyone :-)

Just thought I'd send you a little hello and a lot of positive sunshiny vibes 8-)

The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Turkey and the people even more so.

I can hear Mr Cock-a-doodle-doo doing his early morning job and his little Mrs Henny Penny wife is just walking past with her babies peeping away :-)

We've had such a chillaxing time, it's been amazing. Batteries are well recharged :-)

I promised the hubby I'd not do any work but I have been reading every now and again to keep up. You folks in daily chat are so funny:-)

You are all doing fantabulous and I just love the serious amount of support you are giving to each other.

Welcome to any newbies, I look forward to getting to know you all when I get back :-)

No matter what stage you are at during your stop smoking journey, thinking about stopping smoking, cutting down smoking or staying stopped, you are all winners and I know you will get to where ever you want to be in your own time.


Stay positive

Keep going

Keep smiling :-)

Love to you all


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Hiya, glad you're having a great time. :) Do you always get up early when you're on holiday? :o Have a swim for me! 8-)


Nice to hear from you emjay.

Glad your weather is lovely. Unlike Yorkshire. rain, wind and floods. :(

Miss ya , and glad when your back, seem its me and andie that have to get them all motivated. :)

Trouble is can`t stop em once they start.

Um! Saturday lunch time and nobody moving except andi and myself, must all be sleeping in. Give em another hour and I will have to shout them all up. :D


Aup Emjay,

Am soooooo glad that your enjoying your hols gal, and having a relaxing time, cus i reckon that you needed it after looking after us lot !! :o :|

Andi & Jillygirl must have got to Claire yesterday !! cus the poor gal lost the plot, she was posting things all over the place :D :D

As Jillygirl said, am missin ya gal, i need you here to keep these Girlies under control ;) you enjoy the rest of your hols cus i will manage somehow !! :o

Pete :)


Listening to Pete, better get the violin out for him. :D

He would be lost without us girls. dont believe him emjay. :D :D


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