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Weird dreams

Hi I've just started my 4th week of not smoking but I keep dreaming that I'm still smoking although I havn't touched one and never want to for the rest of my life.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Maybe it's my sub conscious making me focus on not smoking!

By the way I'm using the low strength mini lozenges and found they are really good especially if I go into a newsagents and see all the cigs behind the counter. I think it's half the battle of stopping smoking, getting out of the habit of buying them.

Andi x

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Morning Andi1965, its nice to meet you, i havnt heard of that one before, may i ask if you have any cigarettes in the house??,why i ask this a thought just came to my mind, erm erm you dont sleepwalk do you!! sorryyyy like i say it was just a thought. Your doing fab gal, stay in there we are all behind you a 1000 %

Pete :)


Hello Andi1965, Firstly well done on giving up! I like you have no intentions of ever starting again but yes I have had about three dreams since I gave up in February that I am still smoking! I think it just kind of reflects on when you did and also like you said your sub-conscious mind thinking Im never going back to it, watching other people smoking etc. So dont worry there is nothing unusual about this - it happened to my sister in law when she gave up ten years ago too because I asked her as, like you, I was concerned when I dreamt about it! Keep up the good work!


Thanks both. Nice to know it's just one of the various things that can happen when you're giving up the dreaded weed! I suppose different people suffer with different symptoms!

And no monkey I don't have any cigarettes in the house and once my head hits the pillow I don't move until the alarm goes off!!!!


hi Andi, Yes I have had similar dreams. but like you I am out like a light once i hit the pillow. In fact I sleep better now, I think its because I breathe easier.



Hi Andi1965 I have had this as well, last night i had one, i was in a cupboard smoking and Emjay caught me, lol


i had this a lot in the first few weeks i dreamt i walked passed a newsagents and he was waving me inside for free ciggies i said i dont smoke he said start again after the smokes whats that about :( ive dreamt i was sitting on giant ciggies flying about so you are not alone




I think I've done quite well not having other withdrawal symptoms like some people have had. I even coped without that first one in a morning - I used to have one as soon as I got up! I am also sleeping so much better (other than the dreaming of course) I hope I can stay focused and cigarette free and not get addicted to the mini lozenges although I assume they are a lot more healthy than the death sticks! x


I like the money Im saving :)


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