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6 days off not smoking and £60.00 better off in my purse

Ive now not been smoking for 6 days and I'm really looking forward to saying I've not smoked for a week. I've saved 60.00 and can breath when I go to bed.

It's not been a easy week although the champix tablets have helped, due to them making me feel that sick.

I remind myself when unwant a ciggy how long I haven't had one for, and say do I really need one now. Mainly it's my mind playing tricks on me. I'll be sat there watching tv and it's like my mind says have a cig then you can do the dishes. I find doing something helps and I must admit my house is sparkling and smells good too. So another added bonus, I've even started going to Zumba and invested in a bike so hopefully by the end of the year I will be smoke free and physical fit .

Good luck to everyone on there journey x

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Hi Ollie4321, I'm Pete nice to meet you, you've saved £60.00 in 6 days, thats about the same as i'm saving, have you thought what you are going to spend it on yet!!!, and how much it would be in 60 days!! £600.00 what could you spend that on???? its just a nice tought gal, does that give you the edge to keep with it? its one thing thats keeping me off them. I hope you dont mind me asking but what is Zumba????? look gal i'm an old boy, not up on all these new things.

Have a look on the other blogs here, try Emjays weekly blog, and find out we try to help each other quit the dreaded -------

Chat again soon.

Pete :-)


Hi Pete

Thanks for your encouragement

I never thought off that 600.00 in 10

Weeks, oh was gunna buy myself a new bag and shoes. Maybe not now may get myself an i pad now, realty can't wait. For the 10 weeks to pass.I've had a little look at some of others people's blogs, but cant access the full site at the moment, cause I'm my phone rather than my computer but will definitely look later on.

Oh and Zumba is a Latin dancing exercise class it's great, you will have to try and get yourself to a class, I'm

Sure you will love it.

How long have you managed to give up for? Speak soon x


Hi Ollie4321, can you imagine saving so much money in so short a time? Buying an ipad is a great idea and I'm sure you'll get plenty of use from it.

With regards to feeling a bit sick whilst using the Champix, try and eat at least 40-60 minutes before taking them as this usually helps. Even if it's just a couple of biscuits or something. Also, drink plenty of fluids.

You're doing brilliant! :-)


Oh I will give that a try emjay this morning, thanks x


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