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Hi all

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Well it’s been a while since I last posted on here , I’ve even forgot how long since I quit 🙄 congrats to all that have done and to all doing it 👍

Think 4 yrs this year for me . I have a question though , as back in 2019 I was diagnosed with this IBD ( ulcerative colitis ) and doing some research , plus I did mention on here as well about it , that it can flare up down to nicotine withdrawal !

So , just seeing if there’s been anyone who has had similar issues ? It’s a bit of a grey area and doctors a little sceptical but reading into it , it does make sense plus quitting smoking , it’s all to much of a coincidence .

I’m ok with this at the moment and no flare ups , but am on a maintenance therapy of 8 weekly infusions and other meds , as my case was quite severe to the point of nearly losing my bowel , luckily it was saved with very strong steroid meds whilst in hospital .

This IBD is very similar to Crohn’s disease But as said , nicotine withdrawal can be a cause .

Doctors don’t mention it , and more to your immune system going out of control and attacking your good tissue cells , hence immunosuppressant medication I am on now keep my immune low . Well I hope your all well and all the best to new quitters .It can be done 👍👍

15 Replies
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Hello Rjg, lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear you have had a bit of a rough time, however you seem to have it under control now.I wouldnt be surprised if nicotine and the other chemicals from smoking have contributed to your illness. Its amazing how much it can effect our bodies.

Your quit date was 18/08/2017

Your our first member to put a post on today which entitles you to one of our virtual prizes.

Dont eat it all at once. 🤣🤣 xx

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Snap!!! Yikes don't let Corrina125 see our stash of prizes!!xx

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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Thank you 😋

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Hi Rjg45, yep!! you've remebered correctly. We have your quit date as August 18th 2017. So your coming up to 4 years in August.

Well done and thanks for popping in with that additiona info. There are a lot of quit related problems that Drs don't know about, probably because they've never smoked or never quit!

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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

Yes , I remember when I was a few months into my quit , and I started getting the numbness in my finger tips , and I’d read on here that is quite common , as possibly a case of oxygenated blood now getting back to parts starved because of nicotine .. when I was at my doctors and explained about this numbness , he said it was a trapped nerve !

I said “ what , in both hands “ !!! They don’t know but have to come up with something !

What I have read in relation to IBD and nicotine ,

Nicotine promotes mucus in the body , be it in your lungs , your gut etc

Your gut is naturally lined with mucus , with colitis , the mucus is shed ,leaving the lining of your gut ( bowel etc open to infection , ulcers ) an causing your immune to go into hyper mode .

So stopping smoking , your body will start to shed this mucus , I certainly did from my lungs with coughing the muck up 🤢

Studies show people who have stopped smoking can go onto to developing an IBD because of the lack of mucus in the gut .

I know it sounds gross , but I did see all this mucus and did not know what was going on , and put down to a bad stomach flu or something ? Good old men doing self diagnoses 🙄🙄 !!! Then the ulcers started which was followed with the blood , then me thinking it was the dreaded C word !

So it does make sense to me as I did quit and I never had this condition when I was smoking .

Then there’s the ( smoking masks illnesses ) !!

When in hospital , I had to have the dreaded camera to see what was going on ,

I was shocked as did watch , the amount of ulcers up inside my bowel , was 100’s , causing the bleeding and the inflammation , was very severe .

They could not continue with the endoscopy in case of perforation to my bowel , so a CT scan was done .

The Gastro consultant said at the time , there were traces of previous scaring from inflammation inside my bowel .

Also stress is also know factor !

So I don’t know 🙄🙄🙄🙄

but as said , “to much of a coincidence “

As said , would be interesting if anyone has gone through or going through this after a quit .

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Hi Rjg, lovely to hear from you and it’s a great sign that you’ve forgotten how long you stopped smoking, well done🚭👍🏼Sorry to hear you’ve had such tough health issues but thanks for popping in to share as this can really help others and show it can be done.

P.S. if you can’t eat that chocolate egg, I’d be happy to help you out😋😉xx

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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Thank you No probs with eating the egg no probs at all 😋

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Rjg45


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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Also , last year I lost my job at Heathrow where I’d been for 20yrs moving aircraft around mostly , when My sickness flared up in 2019 , and going off sick here and there before being rushed to hospital Sickness was used in the firing line to get rid of people plus disciplinary’s etc as they needed reduce the company by a huge % !

Anyhow , with all that , I was put on furlough then then made redundant last July ..

I’ve bought a little van and started up doing garden maintenance which is going quite well .

we always holiday in cornwall and have done for the last 10 yrs camping etc , we looked at the possibility of re locating .

As my wife who is now working from home , same as many office based workers now , you could be anywhere in the world !

We decided to put the house on the market an test the water , That sold end of September , we then found a lovely place in pelynt Looe in cornwall on the 4th of December and we exchanged contracts 2 weeks ago , and we complete next Wednesday 😁

So we busy packing etc , bit nervous for our son who’s 12 so having to start a new school with new people , but sure all will be fine .

So something good has come out of all this and a new chapter for us 🥳🥳

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Rjg45

That’s brilliant you’re moving to Cornwall and I’m sure your son will settle as kids are great at adapting. I love Cornwall and what a wonderful place to live👌Wishing you all the very best in your new home and business. The future is looking rosy and you deserve it👏

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Frostytime29 Months Winner

Yep! Diagnosed with autoimmune disorders too! On medication and dealing with the smoking withdrawal illnesses!

It’s something you never hear about but so prevalent in long term smokers who quit!

It’s sad! But it’s better than still smoking, I just keep chalking them up! Every blood test finds other things! At least we are cigarette free!

Thanks for sharing your story! All the best 🌼

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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Frostytime

Hi Frosty , yes still better than smoking , but I don’t like the meds I have to take for this , as are chemo drugs , low dosage every week and used in conjunction with an infusion every 8 weeks . All to keep the immune in a suppressed state so they tell me but I guess it’s keeping it at bay 🙄

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Cloe29 Months Winner

Hi Rjg, wow, you have had a lot going on.Well done you for keeping strong in your quit.

I guess one things for sure, your smoking wouldn’t have helped.

Hope you’re looking after yourself and wishing you all the best 🙏🥰☺️

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Rjg45LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Cloe

Hi Cloe thank you

well you just never know , but probably right as it’s no good for you is it now ? When I quit smoking , it was because I’d caught streptococcus pneumonia whilst camping in real horrible conditions back in 2017 .

Because of that and the fright of my life Plus advised to quit , I did so , so smoking best part of 25 yrs to zero , it was bloody hard , I never ever thought I’d quit smoking because of lack of willpower , but I did find it !

That’s why we all need to drum this willpower positivity to all the quitters .. it can be done and before you know , you’ve forgotten about the bloody things !!!

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Cloe29 Months Winner in reply to Rjg45

Wow! You’ve certainly been through it! 🙏😞 There’s a lot to be said for positivity.

Brings one of my favourite poems to mind. 🥰🙏☺️

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