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Digestive problem after quitting smoking

mes_103 Months Winner

I am 24 year old guy and smoking for around 8 years. It’s been a week I stopped smoking. I feeling strong and able to stop craving for cigarettes but the thing is I am facing digestive issues stomach ache and could not digest well. Even I am facing headache and insomnia. Can some one help me out how to over this problems?

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Grimreaper7 MONTH WINNER

Dear Mes

Welcome to quit support community.

It’s so nice to hear that you are quitting at such early age .. earlier is better.

Quitting is best decision you can take in your life , unfortunately it has withdrawal symptoms for few weeks to some month (in few cases) . But after that you can reap all the benefits lifelong.

Since your body is trying to adopt new lifestyle without Smoking, these problems are creeping in.

I used to smoke before going to poo and it was kind of signal for my stomach to get clear .

Post quitting I had severe constipation for few weeks and still have sometime .

What you can do is drink as much water as possible. Use glass to drink full glass of water than sipping bottle.

No problem if you go Gp to take medicine for Time being to improve ur digestion.

Request you to read pinned posts , which will help you understand what and how to cope with withdrawal symptoms in detail.

Keep posting your progress and doubts/problems here , we will be happy to help

Thanks and regards



Hello mes_10, and welcome to quit support, our friendly support group.

Thank you for joining us. First of all may I recommend you have a look at the pinned posts, many questions can be answered there, also lots of tips etc.

The pinned posts can be found at the right of this page or the bottom of the page,

depending on which device you are using.

May I ask are you using any form of nicotine replacement, as sometimes these can effect your digestive system. Also make sure you drink plenty of water.

All the symptoms you describe are very normal, its your body that is adjusting and repairing itself from all the poisons from tobacco.

Sometimes when we smoke , it can mask certain ailments. So if in another couple of weeks you are still having digestive problems check out with your doctor. I am sure things will settle soon.

I wish you well with your quit journey.

I will assign you your badge,so you can watch your progress grow; and add your name to our wall of winners.

Please remember to lock your posts by clicking on the my community .

This helps prevent trolls and spams. :)


Lulu212Badge pending

Digestive issues are common. I have acid reflux now for 5 months... but it’s also a heath issue of mine!! When you still smoking the body gets shocked and starts detoxifying so things may get worse before better. Take aOTC meds that can help with your specific ailments. See a gastroenterologist I’d need be. Good luck.

Hi Mes, I've experienced the same, stomach issues, insomnia at night, but very sleepy by mid afternoon, so my sleeping pattern was all over the place, I'd wake at say 8am and be back sleeping within an hour, till midday, then falling asleep again early evening, and naturally not sleeping throughout the night. I've tried dozens of times to quit because of the variety of symptoms, irritability, the empty feeling of 'something's missing', the foggy brain, lack of concentration etc etc but I am determined this time. My only advice to you is sit out these issues, if you can, get a massage, listen to meditations on youtube, go for a long walk even when you don't want to, don't think about it, just get up and go. All these things help, but in the end if you cave in now, you'll only go through all these issues again next time, reassure yourself that these issues will pass, they aren't forever. Best of luck. Kats

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