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Just quit- got a cough

Hi my name is Nicky and I quit on 22nd jan. 8 days ago..... I quit by using the anti smoking tablet champnix, which I started taking a fortnight ago.

So far so good, apart from a dry tickly cough during the night.... read some posts which suggest this is quite normal which made me feel a bit better about it.

I intend to persevere with not smoking. No going back now.

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Hi Nicky, welcome to Quit Support 😊

Yes unfortunately the cough is normal and your lungs are working hard to clear themselves. It’s a normal part of the healing process.

Have a read of the pinned posts as lots of tips there.

Huge well done for your quit and we say NOPE not one puff ever🚭

Shout if you need anything as lots of lovely people here to help💐😊x


Welcome Nicky, and thank you for joining us. First of all may I recommend you have a look at the pinned posts, depending on which device you are using.

many questions can be answered there, also lots of tips etc.

The pinned posts can be found at the right of this page or the bottom of the page,

Just shout for help if you need. we are here to help. :)

We look forward to supporting you with your quit journey.

I will add your name to our database and assign you your badge.

:) xxx



Yes, I got the same sort of cough at night. Keep plenty of water to hand, it helped me.


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