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Muscle pain in left side of neck

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Winston000019 Months Winner

My sister quit smoking about 3 years ago and now for the past 2 months she has a muscle pain in left side of her neck, the doctor sent her to a physical therapist and stiff muscle is still there but the pain is a bit less. The pain increases if the neck is turned but manageable. Just wondering if anyone experienced this after quitting smoking.

Thank you in advance, cheers

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Hi Winston, sorry I am unable to help, however I have not heard of this before. I think it is probably coincidental. Hope your sister soon gets better. :)xx

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Winston000019 Months Winner in reply to jillygirl

Thank you

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Hi Winston, lovely to see you and your 15 month winners badge👏🏼👏🏼

I actually suffer pain in my neck (or is it I give people a pain in the neck🤣) no seriously I do but it's not smoking related but overuse due to long distance swimming. You can buy a heat wrap for your neck and I find this helps, so maybe your sister could try that. Also the physio give me a special neck pillow to sleep on but you can buy these in many shops now. Hope some of this is benefit to her. Take care👍🏼😊x

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Winston000019 Months Winner in reply to Briarwood

Hi Briarwood, she has a MRI test scheduled for next week to be sure. Thanks


If it's only just appeared and it's been 3 years she's been Quit I'm thinking its muscular, I'm just going by what the Doctor has done. A physio would help get the neck flexible again. Hope she's feeling better soon!.xx💐💐

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Winston000019 Months Winner

Hi Frostie. Thank you

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Labenewly quit

I quit smoking from past 3 days and now left side of neck pains from inside for no reason.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Labe

Hi Labe :) a big warm welcome to our quit support community and its great to hear you've quit smoking :) :) If you could give us the date you quit, then we can award you with a Winners badge after your name and keep it upto date for you :)

Please have a good look at the Pinned Posts, cos there's lots of help on there :) if you cant find what your looking for, then just give us a shout and somebody will help you :) or just come and have a chat with us :) We have a saying on here Labe, - NOPE - Not One Puff Ever :) hope to see you soon.

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Amandapanda0925 Months Winner

My neck was really stiff and sore for a while after I quit but now it is fine. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if things are related to a quit or just show up after quitting. I also had bad lower back pain when I quit for about a month, I was wearing salonpas patches and rubbing icy hot on my back. I’m only 30! I was like what is happening, it went away, was from the quitting. She did the right thing by having it checked out.

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