In Memory Of NGAIRE 1947-2016

In Memory Of NGAIRE 1947-2016

Ngaire has passed away.She was a wonderful friend,artist,and an asset to Quit Support. and BLF.She was devoted to her family-adored her grandchildren and was always willing  to help someone trying to quit smoking on our site..She fought a brave battle with lung cancer but sadly lost. She will be remembered and missed .She liked this song  

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  • I will miss Ngaire such a kind lady with always an encouraging word for everyone. Thoughts are with her family and friends, her battle is over and she is free now. 

    A lovely tribute MdeT for your dear friend X 

  • Thankyou Madame ❤️

  • Hello AZ--are you home yet?? How is it where you are? A sad day for me--but I knew this was probably going to be the outcome and made a choice to hang in--and I am glad  because her and I got as close as you can on here--She was a lovely...

  • May her beautiful soul rest somewhere worthy of her ❤

  • So sad , what a lovely inspirational caring lady , who always had time for others to encourage and support them on there quit journey. She will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with her family x

  • I didn't know Ngaire but i have read the posts that you have posted on here to her,she sounded a kind ,supportive and talented person i am so sorry for your lose and to everyone who knew her.

  • I don't know what to say, other than I am so sorry to hear this news, she sounded like a great lady and a terrible loss for those who knew and loved her, I've read some of her posts and replies on this site and she sounds such an inspirational...

  • So sorry to hear this MT. My thoughts are with her family and friends xxx

  • So sorry , my thoughts and prayers with her family and friends at this sad time X ❤️

  • RIP ngarie ❤️ So very sad news to read beautiful lady ❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  • Ngaire posted this joke 8 months ago. What a brilliant sense of humour...


    She desperately wanted a pair of beautiful alligator shoes.

    After becoming very frustrated with the attitude of one of...

  • Good day Madame, a beautiful post for a beautiful Lady :) :) Thank you :) :) xxx

    Although she had her own problems, she was always there to help other members :) :)  and I love her for that :) :) xxx

    My heart goes out to her family and friends at this sad time :) :) xxx

    RIP Ngarie  :) :) :) xxxxxx

  • I agree Pete--just a lovely soul--Hope you are having a nice afternoon--think its about 3 pm there--8 am here xxx MmeT

  • Its just gone 2 pm here Madame :) 

    I hope you had a lovely nights sleep :) :) xx

  • it was ok--been hot here and rainin--now we are goin to get frost--weather has gone crazy

  • Yeah, its been hot here at night too :o good job I fitted a ceiling fan in our bedroom :) its worth its weight in gold :) :) 

    We had flippin rain allllllllllll flippin day yesterday :P its about flippin drowned my poor bedding plants :o 

  • yeah we are getting the rain to and plenty humidity  --I have a cieling fan in my bedroom--you will love it-- ---keeps air movin nice and helps cool--Good job Pete--you are worth YOUR weight in gold--MmeT

  • Bless Ngaire and  all of her family.  She will be sadly missed by all. xx

  • I agree Jilly--Hope you have a nice day--Love and hugs--MmeT

  • Oh how awful.   I knew Ngaire on another site and she always seemed a very nice person whom everyone liked.  RIP Ngaire darling  x

  • So sorry to learn of Ngaire's passing.  She really seemed to be a very unique, sincere individual.

  • So glad to have had Ngaire in my life if only for a short while. A funny, caring and thoughtful lady.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends 💛💛💛💛

  • So hope you are at peace now Ngaire, you truly were an inspiration to so many here and your talent was undeniable. Much love and comfort to your family and friends, Poll X 

  • Every time I see magnolias, I think of Ngaire. She was a wonderful lady and there will be an extra star shining bright in the sky now. My thoughts are with Ngaires family and friends at this sad time💛💛

  • A brand new angel in Heaven--xxx MmeT

  • So sad to hear of Ngaire has left us, may she Rest in Peace and everlasting Love, huff xxx

  • we will meet again........... MmeT

  • So sorry to learn of ngaire' passing may she rest in peace. Take care Madame T

  • thank you--she will be missed MmeT

  • I'm shocked to have picked up on this post. I've saw all your messages over the last months MmeT, I don't know it just never crossed my mind that Ngaire would pass!!? She'll always be one of the first Souls I genuinely felt through this VDU screen - Beautiful lady, rest well

    Love & prayers to family

    iris xxx

  • yes-- I was hoping she would make it--sad--wonderful lady--hope you are doing fine--MmeT

  • So sad.  Truly, it feels like losing a family member.

  • yes it does--so sad--MmeT

  • I will miss my friend but find solace that she is no longer suffering, she was the bravest soldier ever, I will miss her emails and making her laugh with jokes of the day. I will just say them now and hope she has her ears open. Hope you r at peace and partying in heaven with all your buddies that past.

  • Gone but not forgotten <3

  • so true It-heartbroken and she would certainly want us all to quit smoking --and Ive thought about that-A lesson R.I.P Ngaire I miss you MmeT

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