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Almost 7 months and still trouble sleeping

Hi! My name is Mike and I quit smoking cigarettes on Jan 2nd Yayyyyyyy!! Where to start...where to start. Well I took up vaping since day 1. The first 4 months of quitting cigarettes, I would have trouble staying asleep, the first 2 months I would wake up 6-7 times on the middle of the night. Then the next 2 months about 2-5 times. I then said F*** it and started taking sleeping pills. I did great the first 2 months, but I now I am back to my old ways and now waking up 2-5 times in the middle of the night. Please anyone help!!

P.S my nicotine level on the vaping has been 3mg the whole time, I am currently now on 0 nic level

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Hi and welcome to quit support. Not sleeping is common problem when we quit smoking. However you should be settling by now. Have a look at the pinned posts on the right of this pageor the bottom if your on a mobile device. I have put a couple of post about insomnia and sleeping problems . I hope these help you. Another reason could be you are worried or stressed, if so have a quick word with you doctor. Many times we blame our withdrawal and its completely seperate problem.

I wish you well and hopefully we can help.

I will add you to our wall of winners and assign you your badge.

Well done on quitting for so long. :) xx


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