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Hoping to never smoke again

Hi E1, new here. i have been smoke free for 46 days ....I used a product called TBX FREE,oral strips, I got from Amazon. I went thru its 30 day program. Had no cravings. Thought I could never quit. Have been off the program for 16 days so far. total 46 days without a cig. I smoked since I was 11, a total of 48 yrs. 2 pk. a day smoker...tried many times before, never made it past 2 wks. Spouse a 5 pk a day smoker...He used same product. He is 52 days cig. free...He is a truck driver. I so love having a smoke free home.

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Hi Shala,

A big congratulations to you and your spouse for quitting. I've never heard of TBX FREE oral strips but from what you say they seem to be very effective.

Like you, I have smoked for decades though never got used to walking in the lounge first thing in the morning and smelling the stale smoke. It's so much better now.

You will find this site very supportive and a lot of time just plain fun. Keep with us.


Hi Shala and welcome😊

Well done to you both for your great quits. I'm not familiar with that product but it's obviously worked well for you, great news.

Having a smoke free home is terrific, I hate the smell of stale smoke now and never knew how bad it really was before quitting😫

Glad you're enjoying your new smokefree lives and thanks for sharing your success😊


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