Feeling terrible part 2 πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Hi all... its almost 9 weeks since I stooped smoking..this is really grt to think itself since I have been smoking for almost 20 years..but my side effects did they improve..ya a little bit but still feeling really really bad..I couldnt stress myself if I did thats it Im gone..can anyone say when all the effects of smoking withdrawal will go (will they really subside or it will be there for lifelong 😊)..still feeling panicky excessive sweating etc etc..my dr says each and everyone were different and the amount of cigarettes what u have smoked also matters...May GOD be with me..sorry for this long post..just want to know anybody there having same issues or had came across same issues....tku..God bless all.

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  • Hi there ashwathkrish1, You are doing well with your quit, so dont get down hearted. Everybody is different so there is no set rule of when you will feel free of side effects. It can take a matter of weeks or may be a few months. What i can say you will feel free of side effects , so hang in there. Have a look at our pinned posts there is a lot of information on there. :) xx

  • Tkz a lot jillygal...tks for ur supportive words..

  • Hi, how are you doing? I have all of the same problems, sure not easy to quit smoking but I am determined, but not easy, did I say not easy? Lol, stay strong. Holly

  • Hi hholly...tks a lot for ur supportive words...tku..

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