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Restart Update

Firstly, thank you 😊 all for your support 😘 I really appreciate it. I know what caused me to slip..... it mainly concerns a certain mother-in-law ( just think Sharon Tates gran !! 😮 and you're there) I'm going to be deep breathing like mad 😡 next time I see her.

Anyway, back on tract.

Day 2 of restart . Vape to hand 🤚


Karen xx


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Congratulations Karen. Caving in can be a crushing blow, so "getting back on the horse" the very next day is a mighty achievement. I can also understand how you feel having to also "deprive" yourself of food at the same time. My metabolism slowed dramatically when I quit (as often happens to many people) & fighting a war on 2 fronts is tough. It needs a tonne of determination at first & ultimately seeing yourself as a non smoker, rather than an ex smoker. Whatever you do, don't let ole ma in law have the satisfaction of dragging you down.😋😋😋


Lots of luck Karen. I'd give up to spite the Mother-in-law!! lol.

I'm sat here with you with my brew & vape :) Hope you have a good day x


Oh Good old MIL. I have one who drives me batty.... Don't let her get to you, its very empowering💪. Mine just lives round the corner😱.


Oh no Karen not the dreaded mother in law syndrome. Your better than that. You can beat Mr Nic, and be better than the mother in law. Stay strong love you can do this. :) xxx


Hi Karen, you may have interrupted the winner badge but just one interruption in a matter of a few weeks of quit isn't all that bad healthwise.

Just watch out for those triggers, and I believe you have mentioned your MIL before now as being a likely one.

I would have several dress rehearsals in your mind of your MIL turning up unexpectedly and giving you grief, and how you would cope with this? You should and can be better prepared for when she does show.You could always throw a few MIL jokes her way just to get even as well.

Take care.


HI Karen - you should give yourself a mighty big pat on the back for getting straight back on with your quit! I solved the problem of MIL syndrome . . . I just don't see her and haven't done in 10 years since she commented on 'how much weight I had gained' . . . she is not the most tactful of people! OH still goes periodically - when I tell him he needs to. :)

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