into double figures

hi folks

been a while since ive posted mostly due to annual leave and no wifi

what bliss that can be

well im pleased to report all going ...magic in dragonland :)

i just checked my meter on my app and it says 76 days and a whopping 760 (very conservative ) not smoked and cold turkey

i was a smoker for 30+ years

i am beyond delighted time flies

Im off back in to the gym after a 2 week cessation and cake fest

I'll check in on posts to see how everyone is doing when i return

by for now xx

2 Replies

  • Hi magic, great to see ya and your 10 weeks winners badge🚭👍🏼

    Really well done to you, I'm delighted to see ya doing so well and back to the gym as well, there's no stopping ya now hun. Great quit💐😊

  • Wow, well met Magic,

    Congratulations on an amazing 10 smoke free weeks. Working on getting there myself so thanks for sharing your story.

    Much love...


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