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50 days of freedom

good evening folks

i'm delighted to say i have hardly thought about cigarettes in the past couple of weeks but wanted to "check in" and let you know I am still fag free.I am delighted.

i checked my "app" and its says i would of smoked a whopping 501 fags by now .i was visualising all those smelly cigarette butts...yuk

i was out for the day and one of my chums still smokes i was so pleased to have found my frredoma nd not felt the need to be Popping out for the fag in the rain. hope one day she will find freedom too

a smoker for 35 years and a serial quitter i can only say to folks thinking they'll never be able to quit and stay quit to never give up giving up...the time will be right

have a great fag free weekend

MD xx

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Awww fantastic MD 7 weeks and still going strong, feeling positive and no going back. It is a shame when others around us cannot or struggle to get on this journey but like you say their time will come and you'll be able to help when it does cause you've done it good on you 👍 😄


Well done MD for staying strong even when your friend was smoking coz that can be difficult. 50 days of freedom is terrific and thankyou so much for your encouragement as this really helps others. Have a lovely smokefree weekend🚭👍🏼😊


Hi MD, look at you 7 weeks already, Fantastic Achievement, and you sound very positive , well done😀 We are proud of you, stay strong and have a lovely smoke free weekend 😀



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