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Just dropping by

Just dropping by

Had an amazing time in Barcelona, walked a lot, ate a lot and drank a fair bit. I would love to go again, so much to see and experience. The diet is going well, 22lbs another 7 to go and I will be happy.

About 3 weeks till Paris trip and next holiday is to Florida in September (with my husband) .

Everyone is still doing well just believe that it is so worth it, financially and better health.


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Wow KC looks like your having a ball 😊 Great weight loss, great holidays and 27 superb smoke free months 😊👍 well done hun you are certainly making the most of your new found wealth.... Am DELIGHTED for ya hun 😊😊😊😊😊💛💛💛


Hi KC great to see ya and enjoying your hols too👍

Congrats on losing 22 lbs as well👏 please tell us how ya did it coz there's been a lot of talk on here today about diets😳

You really are very inspirational and it's great for everyone to see it's achievable. Well done and enjoy Paris🗼😊


I am following Slimming World but doing it at home, I'm not good at going to classes. I get my info online, lots of info on there and it is not really a diet it's a healthy eating plan. I think it makes you think about what you put in your mouth and plan your meals.

I think I'm 28 months now!


Hi KC,

Sounds like an absolute blast...thank you so much for popping in with your updates..seeing long term quits really does help the newbies😀😀😀😏😏

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Hi K.C., Lovely to see your enjoying life to the full. Like everyone says your such an inspiration to us all.

Off to look at slimming world now. :) xx


Congrats KC💃🏿 22 lbs!!! I'm losing at a snails pace 🐌 I've cut out flour, bread, sugar, pasta ... Mostly carbs.... I gained 10 lbs😡Grrr.... I need to get moving more... I exercise less since I quit🙄 Go figure


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