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Nearly there

Ryan230816 Months Winner

Well guys I'm on 8 weeks now thanka to you lovely people ain't had much support of anyone apart from my smoking advisor 😬 But 2 weeks left on the patches and I'm off them for good so I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way u don't realise how much it means to me 😀 

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Ryan you have done really well. Only you can do it.  Soon be 8 months. Xx


I find that I've not had much support from anyone apart from this group my friends and family say the odd well done then that's it ,well done keep up the good work 


Fantastic news Ryan, well done on a great quit👏🏼👏🏼

I honestly don't think non smokers realise how hard this quitting malarkey is, so to them it's no big deal but to us it's absolutely incredible👍🏼 so keep doing what you're doing coz you're doing great🚭😊

PrairiePrincess7 MONTH WINNER

That's awesome! I am quitting using patches as well. I am still on the first step but I have a question for you...when you moved to step 2 did you notice anything? Were your cravings strong again? I'm nervous about when the time comes to go down to the next step.

dontdothisagain6 MONTH WINNER in reply to PrairiePrincess

 Don't be nervous about moving to step 2. I have done the change this week and not noticed any discomfort - reduced strength is still taking the edge off the cravings. I was meant to be on first step for another 3 weeks but had strange hot peppery taste in my mouth and the patches were causing raised red pillows on my skin which were hot and itchy. I was worried about reduced amount of nicotine but 2 days in and it is fine and I don't feel agitated at all.  All will be well for you I am sure. Good Luck JC

Ryan230816 Months Winner in reply to PrairiePrincess

I felt a slight difference but to be honest sometimes I forget to put a patch on so it was all good for me I just get the odd moments where I think I should be smoking them i realise I don't smoke anymore as crazy as it sounds 🤔

Well done Ryan ,,you have done Fabtastic :) 8 weeks already wow where has that time gone :)  proud of you x

Carissa2810 MONTH WINNER

Congrats Ryan!!  Great job on your quit!!

Ryan230816 Months Winner

Thanks everyone for the reply's it means a lot 🤗

Well done Ryan uv done brilliantly 😀

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