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Day 8! The start of another smoke free week :-)

I hope everyone had a great smoke free weekend! I am starting my next smoke free week today and feel stronger than ever to never smoke again. Got an "I am proud of you mom" from my 8 year old daughter. That will keep me going and going. Went to a trade show this weekend and there was an iridologist there that takes pictures of your eyes and studies them for signs of illness or disease. She also had this little hand contraption that you hold to your hand on and shows what is out of balance in your body. Some people may think it is hokey but I think it will be interesting. This lady has clients all over the world. It was an expensive thing to get done and my mom's gift to me for quitting smoking. It will be interesting to hear what seems comes up with. Has any one else ever had this done?

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Great job on 8 days!!

That actually sounds very interesting, I've been getting the same routine tests year after year that never yield anything but the docs know somethings up just can't pin point it.

Wish there was something like that around me!

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Aww well done, getting that from your 8 yr old is all reward in life you want, well done keep going

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Sounds like you have a lovely daughter and I'm sure when she said that you were full of pride and rightly so, well done coz you're doing great💐😊

What a lovely gift from your mum as well. I think you're surrounded by love and will be interested to hear the outcome from iridologist👍🏼



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