Nobody Home and Last Time I Smoked

Nobody Home and Last Time I Smoked

Everyone must have been here for a bit and split--Guess Ill go do my new favorite thing==EAT==check back later--Madame Tobaccy This pic is last time I smoked--in Oregon--doesn't it look stupid???? that thing hangin out of my mouth--im kinda glad my daughter snapped this--I was visiting her in Oregon and we were having wine and those THINGS that kill you

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  • It's late here on Sunday night so I reckon most people are tucked up in bed getting ready for work in the morning😊

    Yep pretty ridiculous MT.... We've all got pics like that one..... Daft besoms that we are 😊

  • what are besoms?

  • Ha ha loving the photo, but not the cig, you know if I look back on a lot of my photos I have a cig in my hand :(  hard habit to break but were getting there big hugs and good night from England it's nearly midnight, time for sleep if I can :) xx

  • nite maddy--the thing about photo is that last time I smoked--looks so weird--sleep tight  MmeT

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