So pleased down to 1.1 on my e cig vape liquid now my awful coughing has stopped this morning and I've gone back to sneezing which I prefer still falling asleep at around 9at night but not going to worry about that to much at this stage I'm sure this will improve with time all in all feeling good about nope been easier than I thought it would be this time and going into my 6th week now.

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  • that is awesome are doing brilliantly :) :)

  • Well done you are doing fantastic,you should be extremely proud of yourself😊I'm currently using 6mg mixed with non nicotine menthol,last proper attempt I made I'd weaned myself to zero nicotine in 6 weeks x

  • you are doing really well Lizzie, take as long as you need to get to doesn't matter how long it is better than those nasty cigarettes :) :)

  • Excellent effort all round I say 🚭🚭


    Terrific donesmokin, ya should be very pleased and proud with yourself🎅🏼🎄☃x

  • Brilliant well done congrats 🍷😃🍺😜🍷😜

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