Smokers who use e-cigs 'are risking harm to their lungs': -

Just sharing some info on an article I saw. (if the link doesn't work, just copy and paste it)

I'm not on a soap box. I know quitting is HARD. I just wanted to share this with those are are struggling. Cold turkey is not the easiest, but maybe you can try harder with this info.

Good luck to everyone. Let's all keep up the quit! :)




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  • Thanks coco for sharing that's why I went cold turkey I didn't want useing them I have a sister on one 4 yrs was all or nothing for me NOPE😃😃👍👍

  • Me too Dolly! I had the eCig from a yr or two ago when I tried to quit, and this time I also went cold turkey...I finally threw the eCig away too. I didnt want that temptation either. 4 yrs is a long time for the e. I hope your sis quits soon!

    Have a great weekend!

    NOPE NOPE NOPE - Oh lookie, today is my 9 week quit day! Woohoo!

  • Congratulations on 9 weeks! Fantastic!

    I'm not on a soap box either but I agree that getting off the nicotine ASAP is most preferable. Cold turkey is undoubtedly the fastest way to do that.

    I tried e-cigs once upon a time and just didn't like them .. besides they are entirely unregulated -- you really can't count on the manufactures and purveyors of vapes to have your best interests at heart ! It's in their best interest (spelled: 'profit') to have you keep coming back!

    Another alternative for some people is to try a medication called Champix (aka: Chantix). It blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain and they recommend you stop smoking and take no NRTs after a week. Doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me -- and also took the edge off of withdrawal.


    9 weeks quit today Coco, awesome👏🏼👏🏼😊

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