Wrote this to Brunac, but though I'd share with everyone where I'm at πŸ˜€πŸ‘·πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜³

Brunac πŸ’‹

That was a post I needed to read today! It's 4 months for me 😱 But ya know...... In between the struggle, I've had some FABTASTIC times. Trampolining, mountain biking, walking to the shop instead of driving (then realising I forgot the bloody bags AGAIN so walk back somewhat more interesting balancing purchased items as I refuse to spend 5p on a bag as I agree that we should recycle!) all the above things I would NEVER have done in May this year! I could barely get up the stairs!!! I felt old (I'm 52) tired and bored! Now I'm always thinking ?? Ooo I haven't done much exercise today... What shall I try next??? I drag the kids out rock climbing... Swimming anything half way different/adrenalin/time useful.


However! And. BIG HOWEVER! It IS so challenging ... I find I do want a cigarette but don't... I AM missing out but know I am not!! I am SAD but I am HAPPY! I want to eat but I don't... And I have gained a stone which REALLY pisses me off and is NICs little chink in my armour which I now am searching for the shield to protect myself with. I am filling the cracks daily one day at a time. But I've had a tricky week or so but am holding on to the positives to get me through... So wish I could stop feeling so sorry for myself I need a labottemy πŸ‘€β—οΈBut then I would remember that I now love trying out all the things that take energy I never used to have. The things I am doing that I used to just "think about doing" whilst having a fag!!! I choose to DO things a drag my self pity with me and drown it with energy . Xxxx keep going Brunac ... I am xx

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  • Jaglan, am loving your post for Brunac and I'm sure it will help a lot of other members too :) :) Am just loving your attitude :) :)

    Try to think positively, cos this is what you WANT :) you WANT to be free from the fags :) you WANT to smell better, you WANT to walk upstairs without getting out of breath, like you say, you WANT to enjoy doing things with your kids, even if you have to drag them out :o :D :D

    Jaglan / Brunac, try to enjoyyyyy your NEW smokfree life :) :) get out and about :) do things that you couldnt before :) :) The World is your Ocean now :) :) and it is vast :) :)

    NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :)

  • I like it! 3 weeks in and fighting not to gain weight too! Staying active is important and hard with the emotions and fatigue.

    I applaud you. You are doing super! Thanks for sharing!


  • CoCo plse tell me u have reached the 12 week mark, did your symptoms go away cause these headaches are killing me. I take Advil like candy and it helps but I want them to go away. Glolin sent me a post she did a while back and it said 12 weeks is when the receptors in your brain let go. Is this true? Plse be honest good or bad

  • I would say yes, I do not feel anything anymore. I truly feel like a nonsmoker and it's crazy that I've reached this point! Seriously, I can't believe that I've done this. Lots and lots of water and staying active did help me. I also quit in October and it was not cold where I am (USA, NC) so being outside and walking a lot was great. And I felt like the water was flushing out the toxins too, that could be a mind trick I played, but I do feel like it helped. AND after the walks I could still breathe! ha -

    Good luck to you, know you are not alone in your journey. This is hard, it's a struggle. Stay on this site, it's really been awesome to me and so many others.

    Have a wonderful day, you nonsmoker! :)


  • thank god there is an end to this crap, I dont know what symptoms u got but I tell u mine have been so bad, never ending headaches and no sleep are worst for me. I get maybe 3-4 hrs of shut eye and thats it until I just drop from exhaustion then it starts all over. I have 3 more weeks to go and I too will be at 3 months and pray it all goes away or I start smoking to lessen the pain, I know u dont want to hear that but honestly smoking never gave me pain.

  • It didn't give me pain either. And my worst side effect was the sleeplessness. I didn't think I'd ever sleep again and when I did, man the dreams!!! Horrible, vivid dreams! I'd wake up and thank God it wasn't real. It really was horrible.

    The headaches are from the toxins leaving your body. I know that will end. It will.

    The cough, which is oh so lovely, came about after my quit too. I didn't have that until I quit. Which others said it was my lungs cleaning out the nasty costing and becoming healthy again. That makes sense.

    Keep up your quit! Yiur hair, teeth, skin and all your organs will be so much better.


  • The pain from the constant headache is killing me and my willpower. Hell it hurts to wash my hair or brush it, I was ok with 3 months of withdrawl cause Im almost there but when I heard 4-6 months I litterally freaked. That is TFL for me. hell drug addicts dont withdrawl that long I know because I was a harm reduction worker and saw people day in and day out withdrawling cause they had no money for a fix after 3 days or so they were fine not like this for sure. Did u get headaches, at what point did u finally start to sleep regularly?

  • I have heard that quitting smoking is the hardest thing to quit. It's much worse than the drugs and alcohol and even caffeine and sugars.

    I think I started sleeping soundly again around the two month mark.

    Also, I'd say keep in mind why you quit. Ya know?

    I had a middle school classmate that had a heart attack and ended up with a triple bypass...he posted pix. I was done. I am 44 years old and had started the nasty habit when I was ummmmmm 17 I guess.

    Good luck - hang in there!

    I do know too that there are videos and other things to see posted on the right side that will make you want to hang in there and deal with the headaches a little longer.

    Did you quit cold turkey or use vape/patch/ecig?

    I went cold turkey, but with the symptoms you are having you may be better to taper off with some form of nic. BUT if you are cold turkey, you've come so far. Just try try try to hang in there!

    We are all pulling for you!

    Cheers, Coco

  • I did it cold turkey, if u read my post u will see I had a mouthful of stitches and was scared into quitting. Im thinking about e-cigs. I dont crave to smoke, I crave to be pain free and sleep. This monday will be 11 weeks nic free (used no NRT)

  • Debbie stick with it, it will pass I'm not sure an ecig will give you what you want. Ecigs can dehydrate you which will still give you headaches. Try and think positively and you will come out the other side I promise, please don't undo all the great work you have already achieved 😊

  • Droopy I want to make it but I cannot physically do 3 more months. That would be 6 months of no-sleep and constant pain. That is not humanly possible for me. I thought 3 months was bad but 6 is crazy, thats 1/2 a yr in pain. I just went thru excrutiating pain inNov from infected implants and with no break right into these constant nagging never ending hesadaches. Im at my wits end with pain and no-sleep. Could your body do it?

  • Debbie you could wake up tomorrow and it will be fine or it could be in two weeks. Surely it's better to carry on and push through it rather than risk the chance of a serious illness that could kill you?? We have all been abusing our bodies for years, this is a bit like the body getting its own back on us with the side effects it throws at usπŸ™

    You have come so far and are doing so well, I know it doesn't feel like it at the moment but it is the very best you can do for your health. Each and every one of us on this site knows what your going through.You gotta stay strong and positive

  • Droopy Im really trying and using what I can to releive the pain. Im hanging in best I can on no sleep trying some Nytol see if that works, if not I see the doc on Tuesday to get something really strong to get me through this mess. Im going to ask for Restoril I saw it on the internet it helps u fall asleep and stay asleep. as for the headaches Im trying accupressure but not much luck. Madame got rid of her headaches so hopefully Im next, we are the same in our Journey. Cimmy too Im asking Cimmy about her struggle and if he/she is getting any relief

  • Hey Debbie, keep holding tight! I think we all have to get to that break point of oh """""@@@@@ this!!!!! Its at that point you really make your decision as to whether you find it too unbearable to carry on (as did I on many occasions!!!) or you grit your teeth stamp your feet yell at god and scream W@TF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!! Believe me (and the others beyond the 12 week mark, it truly DOES ease off. I'm now six going on seven months....I HATE thinking about cigarettes, as it gives me that pang in my gut, but I breath deep, pretend I've got a delicious (not) expensive fag in my hand...... imagine the gorgeous smell (not) and then the dizziness in my head followed by the lethargy it causes and think of the 70 quid a week. I breath again the "fresh air" and pretend its a fag. Fill my stomach with air and thank god it really doesn't have to be the real thing!!!! Doesn't mean I don't think about it but I am SOOOOOOO GLAD I FOUGHT HARD......it IS worth it!!!! xxxxcyber hug

  • I even still dream that I smoke! LOL

  • Hey coco! Thankfully that's one I've avoided so far!!! :-))) keep goin just keep swimmin swimmin as dooree says. X

  • No u dont get it Im not craving to smoke Im fed up with the withdrawl, the constant headache and no sleeping. I thought ok I can make til 12 weeks it will be hard but Ill do it Im almost at 11 weeks, 1 more I could do but then I heard 4-6 months and no way can my body tolerate no sleeping that long nor can I endure 3 more months of headaches I just cant do it. Thats why Im thinking WTF and smoke but my friend told me abot e-cigs and how it helped with the headache. I took a 10mg diazeapam last nite and slept 10 hrs without waking up it was awsome but I cant take them everyday or they wont work when I have my second dental surgery re-insert implants. Maybe I will take one every 3 or 4 days but the pain in my head is what is taking the toll on me.

    I figure when I get to 12 weeks if the pain hasnt stopped in my head then I will make a decision.

  • Hey Debbie, Just read this, so many different posts on this thread, not sure when they are from. Re your headaches, are you ABSOLUTELY sure these are caused by the quitting smoking? I know smoking dehydrates a person so I would have thought that not smoking would help with that???? Im not a doc but logic tells me. I am soon NOT being condescening, but are you drinking loads of water???? Is it at all possible that these headaches have clearly started with the stopping smoking, but the stopping smoking came at the time of stitches due to an implant is that right???? Is it poss it could be the screwing in your jaw (nerve endings vibrating through the bones which are part of the skull) referred pain????? If you don't want a fag (i am soon jealous of that!!! but NOT of your headaches!!!!!) and if the pain from your headaches would go then you would be in for a bloody huge treat as you WILL see when pain free the joys of being free of the crap. But getting free of your headaches is vital. Go to the docs, drink loads of water, get fresh air, taking painkiller constantly can cause more headaches believe it or not! But Debbie, I'm just throwing stuff out there as you have done SO BRILLIANTLY to get to three months. I felt so down when I had TERRIBLE pain in my jaw,gums and teeth. Blood every day, couldn't eat. drove me to your desperate "*&^ck this place. It passed (eventually and it was tough!) To boot, I got another bout of it I thought I would KILL the postman if he said good morning! But again, it passed. 6 months, 5 months, what ever it turns out to be, has got to be worth the mind set you will have when you manage to drag yourself through this hell!!!! You will have grown in pride... you will have faced what I think is the most difficult thing you have chosen to do. Chosen IS the word here Debbie. It IS your CHOICE. The smoke free, headache free (when sorted ) DOES hold so many AMAZING THINGS believe me. Im off to portugal for a couple of days soon just because I can and because I can afford it. Just because I am enjoying life instead of thinking about it behind my fag!!!! Go to the docs before you start again.....and please remember it IS your choice, life IS for living. I know you can do this because we all did!! And we all new that our HELL was worse that everyone elses . I am so routing for you. BIG CVBER HUGxxxx

  • Trust me the withdrawl from the Kadian (morphine) was no picnic but it didnt last as long as this and I took 100mg a day for over 10 yrs. The headaches are becoming debilitating to me. I cant enjoy F-all Im in too much pain. No Im not a big water drinker never have been but Ive been told to try so I am.

    Sleep is what I need trying Nytol tonite and if iy doesnt work Im going to ask the doc for restoril til this is over trial and error I guess. I was so close to an e-cig to see if it would alleviate the pain and sleeplessness but someone messaged me and said Ive gone cold turkey and the nic is out of my system and not to put any back. that would set me back and they didnt think it would help at this point.

    I havent had bleeding gums, coughing, spitting up none of those. Im sorry u did. When did it stop

  • I have to applaud you, you really made me think. I shld know better as Im a retired harm reduction/peer health worker. I spoke to me boss (mentor and drug user) I told him my symptoms and low and behold its withdrawl from the Kadian morphine as well as quitting smoking, they both have the same symptoms only the opiate withdrawl will be more intense due to the length and strength I used.

    He told me to get th dr to prescribe either 5mg of morphine or better naloxone then the morph withdrawls will be under control and I can better assess and deal with nic withdrawls.

    You got me thinking and I did my dudiligence on the net first. He told me all the things Ive been trying will not work nothing wrong with the pills its my system and get this the withdrawl upsets your hormone balance so I might be mental pausing, Its so dam confusing and he said my withdrawl could take months but the naloxone will help.

    thank god Im not nuts lol :) thankyou for putting the bug in my ear. Enjoy your trip

  • Keep going!!! You'll deffo get there with the fantastic mind set you have :-))) x

  • Honestly that's so true!!! I actually go moody if I haven't been out running , a year ago I would never of dreamt of this never even ran at school 30yrs ago. However im still miserable cow!!

  • Great post Jaglan, well done and thanks for sharing😊x

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