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Just saw a post about a man who had stopped smoking but still died from copd,ive got copd my nurse said if i stopped smoking it wudnt get any worse,but the damage that was already there cudnt be cured,im just wondering now hav i maybe left things too late to stop,i hope not,im only 45, i kno stopping now will help me to live longer, i just worry that ive done too much damage to ever be truly healthy

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Hiya Biddy, we can't change the past but we can do our best to help our future health by quitting. So hang on to that thought😊 we are giving ourselves the best chance we can and that's all we can do. No one knows what the future holds but I strongly believe it's better to be smokefree😊x


Hey Biddymccrystal.......Arizona here rootin for ya and people from all over the world❤️ You will be able to breath better if you stay smokefree. I know you're concerned about the extent of the damage but if you start to smoke again and if we all start to smoke again......we will be poisoning ourselves hourly and making ourselves sickly each and every hour of every day......... Not a good future for any of us......please don't smoke anymore xx


Thanks arizona, didnt mean to alarm anyone wasnt thinking of smoking just thought ive left it too late am i going to sucum to copd anyway,but nope never gave smoking a 2nd thought,thanks again for your support xx

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