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Night out success!!!

Well I went out Friday night with work friends for a few drinks. Far too much jack Daniels later I was hit with the urge, but found that the NOPE voice in my head works even when you are beyond merry!


it was wonderful not to get up on Saturday morning and have the shortness of breath and the foul taste in my mouth

Stay strong everyone 😄

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Brilliant Michelle, even Jack didn't persuade you😉 so well done hun👍🏼😊x

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Wayyy flippin Hayyyy Michelle, way to go gal, I just cant fault ya :) :)

Ermmmm, am just wandering, you say you got up Saturday morning and not having the shortness of breath etc :) hmmmm, what about the fick ed then :o :D :D :D

Michelle, I am sooo proud of you gal :) :) and I flippin hope you are too :) Just ACE :) :) and dont you forget NOPE :)


That's brilliant . Xx

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Well done that was a test and you passed with flying colours👍🏾


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