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Ecig and moutg and tongue pain

I .smoked for 30 years. Off and on. Longest period without 10 ys. After picking them up again 3 years ago. I recently in may 2015 switched to an ecig. Man i loved it and waa instantly able to not pick up a real cig. Recently while travelling in BG i purchase so new fuild from a reputable dealer across Sofia. Within 1 week i have the most incredible painful point on rhe tip of my tomgje and a salivary gland inside my cheek which is painful and inflamed. I am sjre it js the eccig formula. Today i will go back to real cigs becauae i cant bear this pain, swollow or eat. Has this happened to anyone? How long did it take to go away. Were antibiotices necessary? Theee is no color change in my tongue. Over years i have takes 30 diff anti psych and never experienced a discolored tongue except when taking pepto bysmol which is well know to casue this. I needd relief!! Can anyone help? c

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Hi Want - Well Done on quitting the cigs in May - that gives you a 4 MONTH quit :)

It would be such a great pity if you were to take up them up again and I do hope you don't for your 'Health's Sake' :)

I do think that if your mouth is already painful and inflamed - SMOKING WILL MAKE IT

WORSE !!! The better thing for you to do is get medical advice - either from

your doctor, or even a pharmacist may be able to help and I'm sure they

will tell you also that going back to smoking will only increase the

inflamation and pain.

I am currently 'preparing' to quit - and by coincidence, I happen to have had a rather sore tongue recently - and it was 'aggravated even more by smoking',

so I'm guessing it will be the same for you, especially as your problem sounds much worse !

Please seek out some medical help with this - I'm sure they will be able to give you

something to relieve the problem.

As for that e cig liquid you got. your doctor would be able to tell you if it was indeed that which caused the problem (or if it is something else that has happened just by coincidence) If it 'is' that liquid, then when your able

to- I'd try going back to the liquid you were using successfully before - or maybe try a NRT option :)

I send you best wishes for a speedy recovery of your problem and also, hopefully,

for your continued Quit :) (((HUGS)))


Hi Wanttosucceede, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) Please, please dont go back to the fags :o :)

QuitEm has given you some great advice :) :)

I suspect the e-liquid you bought from BG is a different format to your regular one :o sooo, I would highly recommend you go back to your normal supplier for your e-liquid :)

In the mean time, maybe try a weak solution of salt water to wash your mouth, or nip to your local chemist and ask for some Corsodyl mouthwash :)

Wantto, if your in any doubt, please go see your GP or dentist and they will put your mind at rest :)

Please stick with your quit, cos your doing ever soooo well :) :)

Hope to see ya soon, Pete :)



The other replies you've had I agree with, get yourself checked out by your GP.

It sounds like the change of liquid is the cause though, I'm an ecig user and I know some people can have a bad reaction to PG (propylene glycol) which is in most liquids so this may be what's happened. Most liquids contain a mixture of PG and VG (vegetable glycerine) but the VG is far less likely to cause a reaction and you can get 100% VG liquids (if you can't find a supplier let me know and I'll pass on details of the one I buy from).

Hope this helps and stick with the quitting!!


Hiya wantto and please please please DON'T light up, it truly won't help anything😡

It's just that particular juice so bin it and get what you're used to and it will go. Warm salt water will heal it and you've done so very well with your quit, it would be an awful pity to spoil it now. Hope you feel better soon and hang in there😊x


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