Need help urgent am scared. Quiting smoke

Hello :) My name is hashim am 15 years old i have dmd duchenne muscular dystrophy but my dr said that she don't know why my dmd is not same as other dmd patients mine is kinda slow process.

Am on wheelchair tho but i can still do plenty thing. I know I have done bad thing to me i regret it :(.

So the past 6 months I've been smoking not heavily only 4 cig every weeks 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I've smoke less than 150 cig in my entire life. Last Saturday i was about to light up my cig and suddenly I said to myself i need to stop this. I've take a decision to quit and move on It's been 4 days since. Today i was feeling something on my chest and need to get out of my lungs i don't get cough just some phlegm and it's not thick and it's a light white but am getting anxiety and no one knows about that . So i have some questions. I would really appreciate if someone can help me:) t.y

1st. Does what am getting is normal?

2nd.When i get phlegm i try to spit it but sometimes I swallow it mostly at night cause if hard 4 me to spit i can't walk is it ok to swallow it?

3rd. If i quit smoking does overtime my cilia will they regrow? Am scared

4th. Will i be same as i was before starting?

5th. Do you think i must tell my dr or parents?

6th. I start everyday in the morning a spoon of honey and before sleeping hot water with honey is it good?

Can you give me some advice and tips on how can i help myself and detox my lungs.

I promise that I will never ever smoke in my life i never wanted that but my friends force me most of them smoke.

Plz plzzzzz answer me. May god bless you peace ✌ everyone

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  • Hiya Hashim and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

    You have made a very good decision to stop smoking now while you're young and your lungs will heal very well. Do not be scared as you will get better. Yes what you're feeling in your chest is normal when you stop smoking but it would be better to spit out into a tissue rather than swallow. Try to turn your head to spit if you can but nothing to be anxious about if you can't. I think it would be a good idea to tell your parents and Doctor as its much better to be honest. They will be proud that you have made the good decision to quit. Honey is very good for you and We are always here to help you in any way we can. It's good to talk to us as we understand how difficult it can be to quit. You sound like a nice sensible young man and if you need to ask anything we are always here. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. Good luck😊x

  • T.y soo much. I feel a bit better. 😊

  • Hiya hashim, I have a very close friend who has muscular dystrophy and she used to smoke but gave them up 20 years ago and is managing very well. I hope you do too😊x

  • Hey today it's six day 😄 but today i've been experiencing some fast heart beat and the feeling on my chest is still their am starting to panicking am scared of getting some serious dieses and do you think my lung is full of tar . btw I've smoke less than 150 cig my entire live. Is it a lot?

  • Hiya Hashim, congratulations on 6 days quit, you're doing very well. Please try not to worry and no i don't think your lung is full of tar. Try some nice slow deep breathing to calm everything down and you'll start to feel the benefits of quitting soon. Have you seen your Doctor for a check up yet as this would put your mind at rest😊x

  • No not yet I have an appointment in two weeks and i haven't told anyone yet just my girlfriend know i thanks god she is the only one that's with me . am scared of the reaction of my parents cause in my home no one has ever smoke and it's quite depressing 😞

  • It's good your girlfriend is supporting you👍 perhaps the reason you worry so much is you don't want anyone to know at home😟 remember you're doing really well with your quit and we are very proud of you and happy to support you😊x

  • Wow hashim you get your week badge Tomorrow that's fantastic😄

    What your experiencing is quite normal.... As to the amount you smoked, to put it in perspective, I smoked 150 cigs in 10 days for 35 years so you are doing so well quiting at such a young age 😊😊

    Stay strong and keep focussed we are all behind you😀

  • Hi Hashim :) very nearly a week quit now eh :) wooooow weeeeeeeee :) :D :D :D and I am off soon to catch you a 1 Weeks Winners badge :) :) Hashim, you are doing extremely well on your quit :) so you be flippin proud of yourself :)

    Hashim, you have a beautiful girlfriend that is supporting you and I know she wont say a word to your parents :) Please just try to stop worrying about your parents finding out, cos how can they :)

    You just take each day as it comes :) cos worrying dosent make things better, it dosnt solve anything, it just makes you feel ermmm, crap :o :o

    Hashim, what will be, will be :) and no matter how much worrying you do :o it will not change anything :) soooo, just calm down and enjoyyyyyyyyy your life :) :) your new smokefree life with your girlfriend :) :)

    Take care now and speak soon :)

  • Hi Hashim and welcome to quit support.

    Good on you for quitting smoking while you are so young. Like Briarwood said, what your are feeling and experiencing is very normal, so please don't worry :) :). If you can spit do so, but if not, it is ok not too. Yes all the cilia will grow back :) :)

    Being honest and open with your support people will help them understand if you have a bad day... You are doing well and I am so proud of you for making this decision at 15..that is just awesome :) :)

    Keep us posted on how you are doing :) :)

  • Hello Hashim, Welcome to quit support :)

    Well Done on your decision to stop smoking - it is one of the best decisions you well ever make in your life. :) The fact that you done this while you are still young is an added bonus because you have stopped 'before' any lasting damage to your lungs and general health has been done :)

    I really don't think you have any need to worry, but if your anxiety continues,

    do go and talk to your doctor who can answer all of your questions and put your mind at rest :)

    Best wishes to you and good luck :)

  • Hi hashim and welcome 😊

    Well done for 4 days quit, that's fantastic😊

    Briar and glolin have given you some great advice and anytime you want to know anything, tell us something or just need to moan then come on here and do it 😊

    You might find it easier if you tell your friends that you have quit 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Hi ya Hashim05, a great big massive warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

    I see you have had loads of great help and advice from some of our lovely Ladies on here :) :) If you look to the right of your post, you will see Pinned Posts, have a look at the breathing exercises :)

    Hashmin, your in a wheelchair, that dont stop you from exercising :o soooo, you get them arms moving and that chest pumping and help your lungs to clear all that flippin crap out of em eh :) :) I am a firm believer in exercise especially at the beginning of your quit journey :) Please try to spit any phlegm out if you can :) get rid of it :) :)

    You take care now Hashim and hope to speak soon :)

    Pete :)

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