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Countdown to 2 Years Smoke FREEEEEEEE!

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This time last year I proudly posted that after 30 years of smoking I had made a whole year smoke free. It was one of the most significant things that I had ever achieved - and I don't mean that lightly - it was a serious hard slog and took all of my will power and the support of the HealthUnlocked members to get there.

Well, in 3 days time I shall be 2 years smoke free, 18 months nicotine free and it still means an awful lot! In my first year, it was just concentrating on not smoking but in year 2 as cravings subsided into what to do instead, I tried to focus my attention elsewhere so I took up running - total amateur of course and not for competition - more - buy a pair of running shoes and get out there. I'd tried this before whilst being a smoker and unsurprisingly found that I couldn't run/jog 100 meters without being totally out of breath. Well, I'm proud to say that (even though still purely amateur, I can now run 5KM in 23 minutes and have even been known to been my very fit 16 year old son in 1500m.

I could never even have dreamed of achieving this as a smoker - and I know that every ones goals are different. But the point I want to make is that succeeding in giving up smoking is a massive achievement in itself but once you do, you'll be surprised and what else you can achieve because of it!

So to anyone who's in the early stages - keep going - if you achieve this, you'll be amazed at what you can do.

7 Replies

hi there well done i've just passed my 12th year after packing the fags up take care bigalan

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WOW MrEdd - WELL DONE, this is wonderful news ! An INSPIRATION indeed for others to take courage and support from :D :D

It is so motivating to see the difference quitting has made to your life

and I hope you continue to enjoy your new found freedom and interest for many more years to come :)

CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Anniversary :D :D

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Hi Edd and thank-you so much for sharing your quit journey. We have many new members and i am sure they will all gain some inspiration from this..Knows I did :) :)

I am sure monky has that badge of yours all ready and is shining it every day to make sure it sparkles brightly :) :)

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Whoooohoooo MrEdd I am excerisng my hips in readiness of monkys infamous bum wiggle dance 😊😊

Well done hun, truly inspirational and what a great non smoking family memory ....... You beating your Son in a race 😃😃😃 double whammy 😊😊

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Well done MR Edd. I'm counting with you. Only 12 days till my 2 years too :-)

A massive well do to you and everyone kicking this habbit.

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Sorry Mr Edd but I'm a bit behind the times !! Just to say a HUGE Congrats from me on reaching 2 years quit :-)

I to reached it a week ago, Here's to the next 2 years, and NOPE.

Take Care, :-)

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