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One week in. Please put my mind at ease!!

Hey, new member here. I smoked for 10 years before quitting for around 8 months (can't remember having any withdrawal symptoms other than cravings). I slowly relapsed into a heavier smoker than before. Now it has been approx 15 months smoking again. About 4 weeks ago I started using nicotine gum while cutting down the smokes. Well, I ended up having a nicotine overdose & 2 big blood blisters on the inside of my cheeks which really freaked me out & has turned me into a bit of a hypochondriac :( unfortunately I didn't know the gum was the cause at the time & I thought there was something majorly wrong with me because of the blood blisters, dizziness, confusion, blurred vision etc. I became focused on my mouth & everything going on in there & eventually scared myself out of smoking so I'm not having any cravings whatsoever. But I am having other symptoms this time around. The obvious ones aren't worrying - fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, constipation etc.

It's certain other ones that I'm getting that are concerning me but it could just be me over thinking it.

I keep burping a lot & there is like a pocket of air in my throat. Maybe silent reflux as I don't have heartburn? Can quitting smoking cause this?

The last 2 days I've been having slow head & body shakes/tremors. I have read this can be from withdrawal but has anyone else experienced this? Quite annoying when trying to go to sleep!

Also a lot of neck & shoulder pain. Maybe from stressing? Or is the neck the cause of the tremors/shakes?

Do I just ride it out for a few days or is there something more concerning going on?

Thanks, JC

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Hi poor you,

what your going through I had similar and the mind is such a powerful thing. Round Xmas I honestly didn't think I would see a year out as I would be dead from some awfull illness. I saw it as part of quitting and fags must be that bad to make me that Ill just giving up. I am heart burn tablets have been since I've given up had never had heart burn before. The phlem was awfull. My anxiety levels where awful even getting weekly checkups with my doc didn't help and this went of for 4 months.

The more I would google the worse it made me. About Easter I started jogging to take my mind of it at least while I was out, not a jogger never have been but has helped clear out my lungs and given me something else to think about

However 8 months on I'm nearly back to me, still heavier than what I was I am a miserable sod but that's because I'm not drinking and trying to cut back on sweets!! But saying that my patience is getting better. Still miss smoking but not as much as I did!!

Try not to worry it's your body getting back to normal. you've also lost your best friend!!!


Hi there Jar Car, Sorry you have a lot of the symptoms of quitting. It isn't unusual to get them, however I think you are unfortunate getting so many. I think if you are unsure or worried at all it may be worth a trip to the G.P. just to be re assured.

Please stay strong. It is worth it. :) xx

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Hiya Jar and welcome to quit support😊

Sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment and hope you feel better soon and as Jilly has said perhaps a visit to your Doc will put your mind at rest. Unfortunately quitting does throw up unwanted side effects which is usually your body's way of healing😊x

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Hi ya Jarcar23, I see you have had lots of great advice especially from our lovely Angeline12345 :) :) to which I cant really add anything but, to Welcome you to our lovely quit support community :) :)

JC, try to relax a bit more eh :) if you look to the right of your post, you will see Pinned Posts :) have a look through the breathing exercises, cos one of them could help to calm you down a bit eh :) :)

JC, if you could please let me know your actual quit date, them I can assign you a Winners badge and add you to the Wall Of Winners too :) :)

Your doing ever soo well, but please just try to calm down a bit, just take every day as it comes :) :)

Pete :)


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