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Finally free

Hi i am glad i have found this community, i have finally quit cold turkey after many years . I am 34 years old. Smoking has been a nightmare in feeling much better now except that my gums are swollen with new circulation. I hope I never lose teeth..or iet cancer now. Why do we smoke it's disgusting anyway. A work colleague came in today reeking so badly. I can smell that now i quit!! Good luck to u all.

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Hiya crystal and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on your cold turkey quit, well done👍🏼 If you let us know your quit date, we can add you to our wall of winners👏🏼

Great to hear you're feeling better and unfortunately I also suffered with my gums, very painful😩 try brushing with a very soft baby toothbrush and interdental brushes as well for in between you teeth. Warm salt water mouth rinses help too.

We can't see into the future but you have given yourself the best possible chance of a healthy future by quitting.

Our sense of smell returns and we realise how disgusting the smell is. One very good reason to never smoke again.

Our mantra is NOPE ............not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭😊x

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Well done crystal...and cold turkey too, I take my hat off to you 😆😆 well done hun and keep up the great quit 😆😆

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Hi Cystalhealth and a big warm welcome to you :) :)

I replied to you last night, but it seems to have vanished :o I'm sorry, but sometimes funny things happen on this site :o hmmmm

I bow down to you for going it cold turkey :) :) cos I could never have done it :( As for your gums, a lot of our members get swollen or bleeding gums when they first quit :o this is cos when we smoked, we smoked through our gums more or less :o so we get a hard sort of crust on them, then when you stop smoking, this crust disintegrates cos you dont need it any more :) but it leaves you with a sort of baby skin on your gums, hence you get swollen, painful or bleeding gums for a while :o

As Briarwood has suggested, maybe try a babies toothbrush and a warm salt water mouth wash, or perhaps try Corsodyl, which you should be able to get from your local chemist :)

Take care now and enjoy your new free life :)

Pete :)


I feel your pain my gums got quite bad but it passes. Unlike the revolution you feel when you smell smoke that gets worse sorry BUT YOUR DOING AMAZING WELL DONE COLD TURKEY WORKED BEST FOR ME XX

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