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What patches?

So my plan yesterday was to go to the gym and put my patch on after.... only I forgot to put the patch on and any time I remembered I wasn't in a place to do it or I didn't have it on me... before I know it the day is done and I haven't had the patch on all day.

Ive just been using the big patches and cutting them down to size (a debatable subject on the internet but works just fine for me) and I was only on the 1/4s now anyway... was thinking an 1/8th might be unnecessary and looks like I shan't be bothering for too much longer. Obviously these next 2 days will be the hardest as all traces of nicotine leave my body but I plan on just powering through a couple of sessions in the gym and giving nicotine another hard push out the door lol.

Been trying a lot of deep breathing at home now as well to help with clearing my lungs out and to help with the running program.... crazy how much I need to keep clearing my throat but nice to think of the consideration I'm giving my body now.

Also today I walked out the train station today and was bombarded with peoples smoke as I walked out. It was pretty disgusting. I used to get so annoyed at all the signs saying you can't smoke here, there and anywhere and the moment I got out the station I'd light up... can't believe I used to be one of those people now.

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Hi Sam, Wow, sounds like you've got that quit sorted already :-D

Yes I had that clearing my throat, and a runny nose, well still getting that, Hubby says my voice sounds different, haven't noticed that myself !!! :-D

It's great your doing the gym work, and also the deap breathing, :-)

And as for the smell YUCK, can't believe I used to like it !!!

Stay Strong and as possative as you are now, keep us posted, x. :-)

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You're doing terrific Sam, well done and all that excercise is bound to help you😊

You're kicking mr nic out the door in style, be very proud and your body will most definitely be thanking you for choosing to be smoke free and healthier👏🏼😊x

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Hey Sam, your doing really well on your quit hun😆😆 like you I kept forgetting to put my patch on too so I used to keep one in my work bag and another in the car....just in case,..... although I never forgot to put my patch on after the gym....I just forgot to go to the gym...😮😮😮😁😁

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You are doing awesome Sam,

Maybe cold turkey will work for you. As long as you have that strength to fight off ole mr Nic 👍

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