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Quitting can be easy, ish..lol

The key is to remove your desire to smoke. Allen carr's easy way to quit smoking explains it very well.

Also I realised that the withdawral is nothing more than a very mild version of a hangover. And if you can cope with a hangover for a couple of days without having a drink to delay the hangover then you can quit smoking for good.

Also count how many days you are a non smoker, rather then how many days it's been since your last smoke. That way your last experience with smoking is not in the spotlight, but rather there is no aim in terms of time. You stopped smoking, you are a now a non smoker. Do you want to become a smoker again? Then stop counting the days and hours and realise that the numbers do noty matter at all. What matters is: how much you are enjoying yourself at this perticular moment and the next.

I firmly believe that smoking does not improve the quality of a moment and certainly has no positive effect on the quality of life. If anything it takes away your courage to deal with things because you are always running away to feed a relatively weak craving.

I can only celebrate the fact that I am free to do what I want when I want without having to carry around a supply of nicotine with me and without feeling like a socially acceptable junkie.

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Congratulations on your recent quit. Although I always like to say- on becoming a non smoker.

Really interesting stuff and I have found it a battle to keep the "reasoning "part of my brain at the forefront. Its like trying to be very conscious of your sub conscious, if you know what I mean.

Its a good and simple question you point out "do I want to become a smoker again?"

I found though that I have had to rely on NRT , in the past I found myself able to stop, being very excited and enthusiastic in the first few weeks. Then, out of no where, relapsing. Usually when I feel very happy and healthy as opposed to stressed or miserable.

I gave up years ago for about 7 years cold turkey. I started because I was offered and felt good again when I did it.

As I get older I know I must look after myself. The NRT has helped be break the "light up " habit, in the morning after a meal , before bed, on a cigarette break, before I start something , when I finish something, while I'm planning something etc etc.

Also I began to feel a slave to it , panicking when I had 2 left at 10.00 o'clock at night, standing outside in the rain etc

You have done really well to become a non smoker, the only piece of advice I can give is to put in place coping strategies for if or when those short little burst of cravings appear.




Interesting stuff and well done. I haven't read Allen Carrs book but it seems to have made an impact on your thought processes.

I still struggle at times after some months as a non smoker so may be a good idea to get a copy.

It's like Jim says those out of nowhere lapses can be tricky.

I like the " do you want to be a smoker again" and will use that when the cravings appear.

Best wishes




hi Kas,

if you google it, you can download a pdf version for free :) :)

I will see if i can find the link :) :)


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Cheers glolin- will give it a go



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