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Hi All, I am new to the group, quit recently, 5 days without any help.

Feel like I am living in Neverland and at points cannot get my head around it. I have to stop smoking though and I am hanging in here! Don't have a mantra yet and feel very vulnerable as I only told one or two colleagues. My daughter of 13 is very very pleased indeed and that makes all the difference to me.

Hope you all have a smoke free day !


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Hi lies and a. Welcome to quit support.

You stay with us and we can help you through

A mantra we use around here is N O P E not one puff ever.

Once you have made that decision to quit, using the nope mantra truly does help😋

Do this for you and your daughter, you have got through 5 days, which is brilliant, come on here and rant if you need to, read some of the info under the topic headings as it arms you with knowledge to help if the going gets a bit tough in these early weeks.

You can do this 😆😆😆😆


I quit permanently 3 months ago. Oh my god do I know where you are and I have been using NRT! Perhaps you could consider the gum or patches to help straighten your head out, but 5 days your body is pretty much clear of nicotine so a huge WELL DONE. I could never have cold turkeyed it!

Coming on this forum has helped so much. I have not had a single puff since Jan 12th. Everytime im tempted I've come on here and talked.

When temptation really gets to me I have a gum or a strip( nicotine strip - I don't take my clothes off) . I know that every day I get further away from my bad history.

Make a list of why you want to give up mine includes , my daughter, horrible breath , tight chest, everything's an effort, standing outside in the rain etc.

I know if I had one now it would last 2 minutes make me heady , chesty and leave a horrible taste, and then Id have to do it all again.

Spend an hour working out a coping strategy. If you feel you are going to fail get some nicotine replacement.

But stick with it because , YOU ARE NOT A SMOKER ANYMORE!

NOPE- Not One Puff Ever



Hi lies 😊

You should be proud of yourself, 5 days cold turkey is great 😀

Have a look around the site, as glolin said plenty of info, and come on here to rant, ask questions or just for a chat. We are all here for the same reason to quit smoking and stay quit 😊

Keep on going, positive thinking and NOPE 😀



Congratulations on making it this far!

Make sure you thank your daughter for her support, if you encourage her to help you she will be more inclined to continue/do more to help (if you or her can think of anything). Why not take her out for ice cream with the cash you have saved as a celebration of one week.

I'm not one for a mantra. I'm a big believer in taking it a day at a time and the days will get easier. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms should be subsiding by now (although the mental addiction sticks around) so the days should start getting easier.


Hiya liesl and welcome to quit support 😃

wow 5 days cold turkey is brilliant, well done 😃

Your daughter is very proud and you should be too. It's very natural to feel vulnerable and we are all here to help you. Just keep moving forward one day at a time and you will get there. Believe in yourself and you can do it. N.O.P.E not one puff ever and remember there's always someone here to help you 😃 x


Hi ya Liesl, welcome to our lovely quit support community and a massive well done to you for reaching day 5 of your quit :) :) You hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) cos we all know how hard it is in the early days :o

I see you've had some great advice from our lovely members :) and I dont think I can better it, but please try to stay focused and positive, if you havnt already wrote a list of the WHY's you want to quit, then please dooooo :) cos this will help to keep reminding you WHY, your going through this pain at the moment and WHY you want to be smokefree and FREE of that mr nic who was ruling your life :o

Try to drink plenty of water and exercise if you can, or maybe go for a nice brisk walk in that lovely fresh air :) Perhaps try one of Emjay's breathing exercises, cos these do help :) there under - TOPICS to the right of this post in blue - ''hints and tips'' if you cant find them, then just give us a shout and I will re post them :)

Liesl, its soooo lovely to hear that your daughter is pleased that you have stopped smoking and perhaps its a good thing that she is seeing how hard it is for you to quit eh :o so now, hopefully, she wont even try one :) :)

As for your head being all over the place, thats the norm gal :) and it will calm down soon :) your not just getting rid of the nicotine in your body, but your also getting rid of over 4.000 other toxins that are in fags :o so you see, its a big change for you and your body :o

Please give us a shout if you need to know more, or if you just want a chat, then you chat gal, cos that helps too :)

Take care now Liesl and see's ya soon :)

Pete :)

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Hey Liesl, a huge welcome to Quit Support and huger congratulations on making such a great choice for a healthier lifestyle 😄

You're so close now to getting your first full smoke free week under your belt and are doing marvellous 👍😉

Stay strong and keep checking in as and when you can, there's usually somebody around to help keep you focused. Great to see that you also have the support from your daughter, she'll be properly proud of you 😄

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I'll repeat something I just wrote to someone else that might help and hang in there!

No way to stop thinking about them so accept that but you can start laughing at how hard your ego is trying to talk you into smoking.

You control your present moment actions but you can't control your thoughts. Thoughts can create feelings just like going through real moments but real moments are not our thoughts.

Every time you think of stopping just stop and say to yourself what an assume job you did for yourself and family! You are now a non smoker!

Not one puff ever NOPE

Never take another puff NTAP

Get angry with how we were tricked into consuming poison that was physically addictive and is now psychologically additive as our brain rewired and adds extra dopamine receptors.

Over time those receptors start to disappear but that can and will take over four months so hang in there!

This is kind of like breaking up with someone you have been dating and having great sex with but you know you gotta break it off as the whole thing is unhealthy mentally for your mind and soul.

Cigarettes are like a person you wish you never slept with. Don't let those cigarettes or any nicotine product back into your life again.

It does get easier.


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