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#QuitWithHelp YouTube Campaign

Hi everybody!

Pfizer are teaming up with six exciting and innovative YouTube film makers on a campaign to raise awareness of how a healthcare professional can help people stop smoking. The campaign is endorsed by and intended to raise money for QUIT and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

We need your help to help tell people about this campaign and help raise up to a maximum of £20,000 for the two charities involved. It is being run on YouTube from Monday 23rd March 2015 until Friday 29th May 2015. 1p will be donated every time a video is ‘liked’ or someone clicks through to the Quit with Help website from it. The total money raised will be split equally between QUIT and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at the end of the campaign.

So that's 1p per like, and 1p per click through to the Quit with Help website from the video.

That's all I'm asking for as it won't take two seconds!

You could also stick around and watch the videos, as they're very talented and informative! ;)

The videos can be found in this playlist on Pfizer UK's channel: bit.ly/1N1bniN

Thanks a bunch. :)

Chloe xoxo






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liked and followed link :)


Thank you, Lin! :)



👍👍 😃


Hey Everybody, thanks for your support so far on this. We seem to have raised a fair few pounds already by the amount of 'views' we've had of these videos.

The more times each clip is watched, the more money is raised for both our charity - Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and QUIT.

Happy watching! 👀 😄😄


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