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Patches irritating my skin

Patches irritating my skin

Nearly 2 months since I quit but patches starting to irritate my skin I don't know why only now I'm on Nicorette invisi patch 25mg I do position them in different places but ive only just noticed the square on my arm :-(. I havent had one there in few day today I have it on my shoulder just don't understand why now after 2 months nearly. My other arm ive scratched wieh itching once I take them off of night it is itchy in area were I have had it x

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Aup Leanne, its great to see you and very nearly 2 months quit too :) :)

Hmmm, that defo looks sore and itchy :o All I can suggest is to have 7 different places on your body to put the patches, sooo your skin has a week to heal :)

Maybe draw a matchstick man and mark out where you put the patch each day of the week, then you wont forget where you've put them :)

Just wandering if you've tried the No 2 patch yet :o cos this is smaller and will be less severe to you skin :)


Hi Leanne, lovely to hear from you and see that you are still doing brilliantly :-)

You could be experiencing all of the above for a number of reasons;

1. It could be a different batch of patches that you are using.

If this is the case, persevere with it and continue the use just as Pete has advised

2. You may now be ready to come down onto the 15mg (as Pete has suggested).

This may be your body's way of telling you that you are now ready to move onto your next stage of quitting ;-) Kind of like being promoted and hitting the next level ;-)

If it is irritating you too much, try using some E45 cream on the area :-)

How about you speak to Liz, your stop smoking advisor and let her know how you are doing? Liz can arrange for you to move onto the next milestone of your journey then :-)

Keep us posted won't you? :-)

Also, I hope all is going well for you in your new job and the hubby and kids are behaving themselves :-)

Well done to you :-)


Hi leanne,

wow!! almost 2 months, that is a fantastic effort :) :)

Emjay and Monky have given you some great advice and I sure hope your reaction improves :) :)

I cant add anything as i have never used patches:D But....Keep up the great quit you have going :) :)


Hiya Leanne, nearly 2 months that's brilliant, good to hear how you're getting on 😃

Sorry the patches are itching and as you've already got lots of good advice, I'll just say keep up the good work and well done to you 😃 x

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