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Peppermint Tea to the rescue

As part of my plan to Kick e-cigs: healthunlocked.com/quitsupp...

I have started on a cutting down to reduce the cold turkey which I know is going to make me miserable for a few days. I posted about the cold turkey question here:


My previous post about being on the start of the climb of withdrawal was premature (I found one last pack of refills): healthunlocked.com/quitsupp...

However, that has helped me have a bit longer to do the mental prep for the "this is it" moment, that time I find that I'm out of e-cig.

It has helped me to cut down in advance.

I'm now ready!

And as for the title, I smoke a menthol flavored e-cig. The coffee machine in the office has broken (AGAIN, it's hardly worked all week!), so I made a cup of tea and decided to go for one of the "fancy" ones, peppermint. To my surprise, the mint flavor seemed to massage something within me and give me an emotional response similar to that of having a vape or similar to the impact described by some people from breathing exercises.

So, if you are using a menthol e-cig and want to cut down. Try a peppermint tea when the feeling hits. It just might help!

Good luck to all in our climbing the mountains ahead, whether we are looking up in fear of the climb, working out how our route up looks, taking that deep breath of acceptance and putting our first foot forward on our route or at some point on the way up.

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Hiya David, sounds like a great idea so thanks for sharing and keep up the good work 😃 😃 x


Hi David,

I am sure that will help others. You are doing very well😆 😆

Keep up the positive attitude 😊


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