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Smaller slices of cold turkey

As I'm heading towards my last bit my e cigarette refill, I have been recommended to effectively cut down for the week / two weeks.

After 2.5 hours at work (now is when I'd have a quick vape). I'm tense but ok.

My thought is, is this period of cold turkey (with occasional hits) going to help lesson the cold turkey when I finish my last refill?

What are people's experiences with cutting down more rapidly rather than the 6/12 month NRT methods?

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Hi David,

Good luck on your cold turkey quest. Sorry i cant help you out as I quit cold turkey at the start. I think a lot of it is getting your thoughts in the right place.

Tell yourself you can do this :) :)

All the very best :) :)


Hi Dave 😀

I first began my quit in January last year using an Ecig, it was really easy to quit smoking and just vape. I was a bit too eager to lower my Nic content and ended up smoking a cig here and there. I bought an e liquid that had a high PG content that I was allergic to 😫

I decided that I wasn't going back smoking 20+ a day so I scoured the Internet found Allen Carr "Easyway to stop smoking" and that was me 😀

Everyone is different I know people who have used an Ecig for the same length of time as you and never lowered the nicotine content and are quite happy as they're not smoking.

As glolin said your head had to be in the right place and being positive

Wishing you massive good luck on your completely nicotine free journey 🍀🍀🍀🍀



Hi David, I've quit the cigs after 45 years by using an e-cig, at 5 months I decided to reduce vape strength, then after about a month I was back up again, I'm using it less though these days.

Personally I'm so happy not to be smoking cigarettes any more, so I'll go with the flow of that at the moment, after all if its taken 45 years then a little longer on NRT won't harm. ;-)

If only we didn't get stressed eh !!

Keep in touch, :-)


In short:

I have been reducing the number of puffs (after a few I'll ask myself, is that enough to satisfy the craving).

I have been NOT vaping for periods of the day (once I'm in the office, until home time) and chunks of the evening.

As someone suggested (sorry I can't find the name/post) I have been keeping the e-cig out of reach in my bag, normally it's been in my back pocket. This makes it a bit more of a conscious effort to vape rather than unconsciously reaching in my pocket and vaping before I've thought about it.

On the whole it's not been so difficult (Friday I didn't keep off at work as I wanted to shoot people at work all day). I'm aware of the desire to vape but I'm on top of it and I can feel that I'm going a little longer with a little less of that feeling between my shoulders so the cutting down/smaller slices of cold turkey must be helping reduce the demand.


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