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last few days have been tough.feeling like I've been subject to Murphy's law at every turn. It's times like this that I don't crave a cigarette, but I just feel like giving up striving for no apparent benefit. I have had long conversations with myself while driving. The devil on one shoulder says "everything else has gone wrong, you may as well smoke." I'm almost chanting "having a cigarette won't fix anything & you'll be back to square one". Fortunately, common sense has prevailed thusfar. I'm on top of it at the moment, but it feels like I'm kicking like crazy to keep my head above water. I find it deepens depression when you've given up your "creature comforts" & there's no fall back option when things go wrong. I know I'm being a bit of a sook, but glass half empty has always been in my nature.

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Hiya Ron, keep kicking like crazy coz there is every good reason to stay on your quit. You've done brilliant and now you must keep going and we are all your fall back option. We are here for you, please don't forget that and we are willing you on with our best thoughts and intentions for you. if that doesn't work well have to send Monky round to kick your bum :D over 5 months now and yep the going gets tough around now but you are a tough guy, you can do it. YOU CAN DO IT and we luv ya, hang in there Ron, you can make it 😉😘😘 x

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Thanks Briarwood, I guess I'll have to stick it out just to keep Monky off my back.(I think I made a pun)


Hi Roneo,

Keep up the good fight, because you are doing a fantastic job.

You know having one of your former "creatures of habit" won't make you feel better in fact it make you feel worse.

Try lookin at the positives- I sure wish you could see youself as I see you because I think you are amazing to quit two vices together

Sending big hugs 💌 💌

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Thanks for the encouragement Glolin. About a month ago I stopped taking Celebrex (NSAIDS) for arthritis after my chemist expressed concern about kidney damage from long term use. Add that to the 2 big quits, diet & rigorous exercise programme & I have been feeling extremely sore & sorry......all in the interest of "better health". What makes this all the more crucial is that I have quit on previous occasions for a similar period of time. Hoping not to "hit the wall" this time.


This is your time to shine🌞 🌞 🌞

We are all going to be here to see each month's new winners badge👍

You will succeed 💗

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Hi Romeo, see that autocorrect! I think I like it :) Anyway, try again, roneo :)

You are having a really rough time, and still you are doing so brilliantly well! I really do take my hat off to you, and hope you can give yourself the huge credit and respect you truly deserve. It's not always easy to celebrate your own fantastic strength and hard work, instead we go negative, what a waste! Appreciate yourself for the star you are, through this thick and thin :) I admire you so much for how far you've come!


Stay strong, just like you are :)


Ha ha love it Betts :D :D


Hi ya Roneo, am so sorry your having a bad time of it at the moment :( but I suspect its cos mr nic & mr drink know that you have BEAT them :) :) soooo, they have got together and having a last go at you :o

Ron, you hold your head up high and be proud of your achievements :) cos am dead proud of ya :) and like I have said before, my hat comes off to you for quitting both the smokes and the drink at the same time :) :)

Stay strong and focused now pal and kick that little red devil out a that door :) and go treat yourself to something nice :)

PS, am going to be watching you Ron :o :D :D


You CAN do it and you WILL do it Ron, cos I know you WILL :) :)

Sending ya loads a stay strong and be happy vibes :)

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Hang in there. Go find the breathing exercises. Go to YouTube and find mediation training. That guy Joel on Google for stopping smoking. Search for quit smart and joel.

Also if say "don't think about that brick wall". You will!

When thought of smoking come up then don't try not to think about not smoking,

Thank yourself for being better off without them.

Besides smoking I am also limiting drinking alcohol to very small dinner tastings and stopping salt ama sugar and limits oils SOS diet and also wheat belly diet, not that crazy glutin thing. No grains, limited starches, no beans or leugims.

Talk about giving up creature comforts.

We have to find reward replacemts. Try music, meditating, exercise, audio books, games on Facebook. I have been going back to my public library and its amazing what's there now a days. Music, audio Books, dvd movies, all free to use!!!!!

Peace and love



Thanks for that Steve. My substitute is golf but it too has let me down over the last few days.. It's 1am in Sydney now so I have escaped without a blemish. Tomorrow is a new day. It just gets very disheartening when things go awry & these temptations rear their ugly heads.


They say golf is like life LOL.

I have been learning the Buddhist heart sutra (wisdom about attachments) and then, may sound crazy, playing online poker (play money) and learning not to get upset or joyful with the hands I am dealt and complimenting others.

Also learning present moment thinking from Eclhart Tolle. Great insights on thoughts and addictions to everything really and our crazy ego expectations.

You can learn to accept life's up's and downs and also learn to laugh at your minds thoughts about good and bad and learn to ride through everything.

Also got back into audio books and a really great series on history called "hard core history" by Dan Carlin. Go relearn Rome amd ww1 and appreciate your up and down to theirs! Lol.

Sign up for this free meditation class that starts on March the 16th at Ophra's site (I know just check it out):


Or Google. Copra and Oprah 21 day meditation challenge.

Good luck!!!!!


HI Roneo,

It sounds like you've done an amazing job despite that devil on your shoulder. I'm not one for giving advice, because I'm in a similar boat to you and I tend to ignore it. For me, it's finding that value that brought me to this point and giving myself a gentle reminder of this just as a refresher between bouts of homicidal rage and abject misery. It sounds like you found yours and I'm in awe of that. I hope I get to five months and whilst I have no tips or tricks to offer, know that there is another person that is hearing you sound off and totally gets it.

Best wishes.


Almost forgot to ask, what was it that kept you going? You still haven't had a smoke and that's amazing. I was wondering how you managed it. I know I always struggle when the novelty has worn off and the stress kicks in, so any tips from you would be awesome.



Thanks for the encouragement & support stoolie. I could prattle on about clever tactics & strategies but to be honest, the most effective ploy is first of the 4 Ds, delay. I have learnt from previous failed attempts that succumbing doesn't give me the relief I'm seeking, just a bad taste in my mouth. When the urge to smoke hits, delaying my reaction allows the urge to pass (until the next time). My greatest challenge is, like yesterday, not a desire to smoke so much as a feeling of despair or futility. When everything seems to be collapsing around me (& yes I know I'm exaggerating), the reasons for quitting smoking fade to insignificance. My best defence in these circumstances is this forum & constantly telling myself that smoking won't alleviate how I'm feeling, just add to my problems.

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Hi Roneo, thanks for expressing that delaying tactic and also that feeling of 'what does it matter really?' as I am finding that the most difficult pattern to overcome.

I stopped smoking on 27th February though still resorting to nicotine in the form of microtabs, but at least it's not tobacco and also it is free for the next few weeks as on prescription. And I think the financial argument might be the best line for me to take! Best wishes - it sounds like you are taking big steps


Thanks for your encouragement Just62. Financial cost is a solid reason to quit. Even though I could afford it, I really resented paying out 80% of the cost of a packet to government. It's good to remind yourself of what just 1 cigarette can cost.......for the rest of your (shortened) life.


True... Thanks Roneo. Struggling a bit tonight and resorted to red wine as alternative source of relief/a hiatus - though seem to be quaffing a bit quickly. Er ... so budgetary win is being displaced! Ah well.


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