Daily Chat: Thursday 26th February 2015

Daily Chat: Thursday 26th February 2015

Good Day Everybody and what a wet rainy one it is here!

CONGRATULATIONS to our lovely Linda on reaching a fantastic 8 months quit :-) a true, true winner! Even though you are all the way in Aussie Land our well done hugs and pat on the backs still stretch that far! :-)

Today's photie is one of MrBig Ben that I took on my trip to London on Monday :-)

I'm away in training this morning but hold be back just after lunch so shall Bob bsck on then :-)

Remember that we can do this!

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  • Good evening Linda :) and a great big Scooooooooby dooooooooooby dooooooooo to you for reaching 8 months quit :) :) Just flippin awesome gal :) :)


  • thanks monky.. your turn tomorrow :) :)

  • Good morning Emjay and everybody :)

    Hmmmmm, looks like your having a bit of another wonky day today Emjay :| :D :D its a great pic though if you lie down on ya side :) Yeah, its chucking it down here too :P :(

    Enjoy your training :o :)

  • Thank you xx :) :)

    I am so grateful for you guys making me feel so very welcome :) :)

    I still have to pinch myself from time to time... I would never of though that i could have got through 8 days let alone 8 months. I gotta say I am proud of myself :D :D

  • Hi ya Lin :) yes and so you should be proud of yourself tooo gal :) :) cos am dead proud of ya :) :) and I hope your going to celebrate :) and treat yourself to something really nice eh :) xx

  • i am saving celebrating to one year....I have a huge thing happening then :) :)

    June is the same month we do an annual fundraiser for the kids ward of out local hospital.

    half the money i have saved from quitting, i am donating to that :) :) I just had a look and so far I have not spent a little over $5500.

  • Woweeeee, thats some amount of dosh you saved Lin :) ermmm, not sure how much that is in our money cos my 1 brain cell just dont want to do anything this morning :o :D :D

  • just found a converter and and it equates to 2796 GBP...Is that the currency you guys use or is it euro..fogive my ignorance :D

  • Yeah, it looks about rite Lin, cos I think the £ about half the $ :) We dont use the euro.

  • MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS LIN on your new 8 month winners badge :) :)

    You have had an amazing quit and think you're amazing too, well done :) :) x


    Hope you're feeling better soon Jilly :) :)

    Are you having a party tomorrow Monky, hope so ;)

    Emjay, maybe if you stand up when taking ur photos rather than lying down :O

    Have a good smokefree day everyone :) :) x

  • Thanks Briar xx

  • i am so grateful to both you and droopy and monky..you three were my welcoming committee when I first found this site. Honestly!!! I am so inspired by you guys.. and will be eternally grateful xx

  • WHOOOOOOOOOOFLIPPINFANDABIDOSIE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUGE HUGE congrats Glolin, I am delighted for you hun I really am :) :D That badge looks fantastic and shiny :)


  • Good morning Briar :)

    Is that a pic of your fish pond in your back garden :o :D :D

    Hmmm, party eh :o I might just have a little one you know :) why, do you fancy doing a bit of jigging about then :D :D xx

  • Yep yep and yep :D x

  • Well done Linda. your a star. :)


  • Thanks Jilly xx

    It is so good to see you. Hopes your feeling better :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl :) I hope you've got your feet up gal :) :)

  • Of course I have feet up, and phone in my hand. :)

  • Hmmmm, Mrs Boss Lady said av got to keep an eye on ya see :| :D :D

  • Your a good un. :)

  • Hey lovely lady, hope your feeling better hun :)

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