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Freddie is now Bailey!

Hi everyone, thank goodness me monky!!! You dirty stop out lol, seriously tho, hope you are not working too hard with those night shifts! Sooooo glad you are back, was a little worried.....thought you has collapsed with exhaustion especially after all these recent badges you have had to dig out from all sorts of places!! As I mentioned earlier, Freddie now re named to Bailey is being picked up in the morning, due to all his bad and negative history and abuse the dogs trust said it would be good to change his name as this can be extremely good for them as the calling of there original name can haunt them with bad memories, so Freddie is now Bailey! Soooooo I'm off to bed now as I'm over excited and need to calm down! Behaving like a small child lol, nitey nite my friends, speak to u tomorrow!! Can't wait..... Yeeeekkkk! Xxx

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!..... I think you have us all excited and waiting of picks of Bailey. Try and get some rest :) :)


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Hiya Sharon, can't wait to see a pic of Bailey and just know you'll have a great day together tomorrow so enjoy :) :) x

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By the time you read this you'll have Bailey home.Those good people at the dogs trust sound AMAZING and I'm glad Bailey has had them to look after him but it's totally great that he now has a good & loving home & a second chance at happiness.I really hope that Bailey has a very long and happy life with you.Thank You for giving him.a second chance.




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I am excited for you too, Bailey is a lovely name sure he will love it

good luck today hopefully all goes well and pussy cats behave

you are a lovely lady

love liz x

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Aup Sharon, you got up yet girl :o :P :D :D

Awwww, poor Freddie :( he must have been hurt a lot in his earlier life and I totally agree with the dogs trust to rename him :) :) Soooooo, ''''''Bailey''''' it is then :) :)

Bailey dosnt know it yet, but it will be the beginning of a new life for him :) cos he will get some well earned TLC, fussin, fed properly, cuddled, hugged, told off, in a nice way of course :) and above all, LOVED & LOVED :) :) xx

I can remember ermmmm, many moons ago, when I was living at my mam & dads we had a rescue dog, a welsh collie, black and white :) and we didnt know what to call him :o He was very nervous, spent a lot of time behind my dad's arm chair in the corner :( then one night I came home with some fish n chips, after having 1 lager :| :P he dint like the fish but by gad did he like the flippin chips :D :D sooooooo, we all called him Chips from then on :) :) and do you know, he was a different dog after that :) :)

So Sharon, I suspect changing Freddies name to Bailey is a great idea of the dogs trust :) :)

Well, come on then, lets see a flippin pic of the hansom fellow :) :) xx


looking for pics Sharon!!!! :D :D


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