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The day I thought I would never see

That's it then 1 year cigarette free. Never believed I would be posting this. I am so chuffed to have kicked this disgusting habit. I have put on a bit of weight but have now started to deal with that. The saved money is a massive incentive for me as I am in the fortunate position that I have actually been able to save it and it is sitting in an account and is going to pay for a trip to Florida in September.

Hope everyone in this group is doing well and continuing to take advantage of the great support from the Community.

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WooHoo KC..A big massive congratulations on reaching one year smoke free. That is such a fantastic effort and you should be feeling so proud of yourself :) :)

Keep up the amazing quit

Linda xx


BIG WELL DONE KC> xxxxxxxx


KC that is brilliant! Huge congratulations!

Oh yes :) You should be proud, and I love that you've saved enough to celebrate in Florida 8-)

Go KC :) !


Wey hey Betts, you're looking brilliant in that new badge :)

9 months is very impressive, I'm soooo happy for ya, Congratulations hun :) :) x



Way hay!!! Thank you Briar :)

Nothing like a nice bit of extra bling. I am so glad I quit!!!!

Hope you're doing OK - you got me going with the gym :) You still enjoying it too?

I never could have kept it up as a smoker. I have started the Couch to 5K programme, week 2 run 1 today :o. Being able to breath better has made it possible even to consider trying to do it. There's a running track at the gym, so I'm lugging myself around that :o :D Hoping to be skipping round like a gazelle one day ha ha :D :D :D

Keep well my love xx


Couch to 5k..............there ain't no stopping you now lovely lady, further and faster you're going, definitely a gazelle ;)

Yep thanks, still enjoying it and lovin that you are too :) :)


I'm the spotty one at the back :D :D x


:D :D

I'm running faster, I'm running faster.............


Aw don't worry coz I'll never flippin catch ya coz you're going too fast for me :D x


Loving your new bling there Betts.. 9 months....wow!!!!!....wont be long at all and you will be wearing that one years badge too :) :)


Thank you so much glolin :) :)

Glad its cooled down for you a bit now (I think it has???) Its b***** freezing here !! Would definitely do a swap :D

Thanks for your tremendous support too. It has made a good difference to my life :) Youre a star :) xxx


Congratulations KC on your 1 year quit, a major milestone so well done :)

A terrific achievement and a great holiday to look forward too :) :) x



Hey KC, how proud of you are we? You followed your plan and stuck to it :-)

Huge, huge congratulations to you :-)


well done, I have also put on a few pounds but compared to still smoking I know which one I prefer!"""!!! keep it up... :-)


Hi KC1946, Well done for bring smoke free for 1 year. That is really good keep up the good work :D xx



well done , I know the feeling, have been smoke free for 15 months

I never thought I'd give up but did it

I find this group so helpful full of lovely kind people

keep up the good work

envious of your holiday

kind regards Liz x


Congrats KC, Stay Healthy and Happy, xx. :-)


Oh congratulations and well done!! I am happy for your achievement. :)


Well KC, its about flippin time you reached a Year quit, cos its took about a Year for you to do it gal, do you know that :o :D :D :D

KC, thats just fantastic news and swanning off to flippin Florida tooooooo :) :)

I just cant fault you one little bit KC, you have told mr cig where to go to :o :D and you have flippin BEAT him :) :) I know its been very hard for you sometimes :( but you've gone and flippin done it gal :) :) Yippeeeeeee Dippeeeee Dooooooo :) :) :) and av just chucked the cat out, soooooo, she cant watch me doing the bum wiggle dance for you :o :D :D



Hmmmm, there seems to be a bit missing, I wander who's had that :| ;) :D :D xx


Yay KC!!! Massive well done on you year quit :D x


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