Daily Chat: Monday 5th January 2015

Daily Chat: Monday 5th January 2015

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to all you lovely folk out there :-)

Well today is the first day of the rest of our lives :-) How shall we choose to spend it then? Carrying on with our stopping smoking journey, making a new NOPE promise starting today, continue to carry on the way we are and showing evil old Mr Nic through the front door when he comes knocking - and not forgetting to show him swiftly out through the back door :-)

Whatever route you are heading, please remember that we are all here to support you and that you are in control :-)

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  • Hiya Emjay,...we must have both been doing a Daily chat at the same time. Please delete mine :)

  • Morning Emjay, you and Linda are coming up with some great quotes. How true they are. xxxx

  • Hi ya Emjay :)

    As jillygirl has said, just love the quote :) :) that is so so true :)

    I hope your feeling a lot better now and have all your gadgets functioning as they should :o :D :D xx

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