On 18th October 2013 I quit smoking. I had been smoking for over 30 years and probably spent 20 of those years trying to quit. The past 12 months have been full of ups and downs. In the early days i felt so ill, I was breathless and anxious. I became depressed and had an insatiable appetite.

12 months on and omg it is a completely different story. My breathing has improved, i have loads of energy, I sleep so much better. My taste and smell is unbelievable. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done yet when I look back it has been easy. OMG!!! I have quit smoking!!! To anyone who is in the early days of quitting keep at it, ride the storms you can do it. I hardly ever think of smoking now and the smell repulses me. Believe me the sense of achievement is a reward on its own but along with the improvements with my health it is the best thing I have ever done for myself!! I haven't posted this to look for praise or to show off I just wanted to show everyone who is trying to quit or anyone who's struggling it can be done. I never really posted on here a lot, what I did do was read and read other people's posts so hopefully my post will help others.

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  • Massive Congratulations laines on your 1 year quit, a great achievement and inspiration to all of us :)

    Brilliant to hear that no matter how tough it is to do, we can do it, well done :) x

  • Thanks Briarwood x

  • Many congratulations laines always good to hear from an ol timer !

  • congratulations on you one year quit..that is sensational...and thanks for sharing your story as I am sure it will help many of :) :)

  • Huge well done on your 1 year quit, such a liberating achievement and a great inspirational personal story x

  • I Can truly relate to this. I quit about 5 mths ago. However I now have COPD which makes me sad all the time. I can't always breathe freely,and constantly tired from CO2

    Retention. I have lost a lot of weight

    with Copd u burn to many calories

    And eating is exhausting. Yes I am glad I quit just wish I could have done it sooner

  • Hi laines, Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure it will encourage others. :) :)

  • Thanks everyone and I hope it does help anyone who's struggling! deeFB I have copd too! Your breathing will improve. Last year when i quit I couldn't walk up the stairs without getting breathless, I can run up then now and I don't get breathless! Exercise and never smoke again, you won't recover fully but you will improve. I have!!☺

  • Aup Laines its lovely to see you again gal :) :) and a massive big well done you for reaching a Year quit :) :) doing my bum wiggle dance for you :o :| :D :D

    A little something for you :)

    And thank you for posting this lovely post, I'm sure it will help a lot of other members who are going through similar symptoms :) :) xx

    You enjoy running up and down stairs, cos thats what I want to do again :)

  • Hey congratulations. My first post. Gave up around same time 2 years ago. Now doing the NHS Choices Couch to 5k programme. I cannot recommend it enough. 6/9 weeks in I can easily run 20 mins without stopping. I smoked 25 years at 20 a day. I'm only 43, was told by a smoking cousellor that if I continued I could expect to live 5-15 years 2 years ago. That woke me up. Totally agree with everything you've said in your post. Spot on. Message to anyone reading. Do it. 2 years on, I'm running 3.5k in 20 mins, and afterwards I can still talk :-). 2 years ago I'd get the next bus if you know what I mean. It seriously only gets better. Really hard at first, but totally worth persevering.

  • Hi Elovarun, well done to you hun and on getting into the couch to 5k.... I remember when I first started it I couldn't run for 30 seconds without my lungs trying to explode out of my body... :O :)

    have started walking now as did my Achilles in..... :(

  • Well done to you, amazing and will help lots of people including me I'm sure x

  • Thanks, at 7 months in, you've basically done it. Bet you don't think about it so much. If I can offer any pearls to those looking here, it rally is a decision. You have to want to quit. Really want to. I found the app My Last Cigarette rally helped in first few weeks - told me what I'm saving, told me when co2 had left my body, when nicotine levels were zero. Btw for rally read 'really'

  • Hi Laines that's one helluva fantabulous quit you got going on there... :D well done and thanks for sharing, its really inspirational :)

  • Thanks everyone and thanks for the cake monky xx

  • Congratulation Laines ! Thanks for this post; it is very encouraging for me. I read some of your older posts and saw some similarities. I am approaching month 3 now, after 35 years of 20-30 cigs a day. As you did earlier, I am still wondering when the breathing will get better (I tried the couch to 5k running program but did not last as I did not feel any improvements; I tried for 3 weeks; doing yoga 3-4 times a week which helps a bit but not much with the breathing) ...

    I am also having major problems with anxiety now ...

    On the bright side, I regained my ability to focus and concentrate after about 6 weeks and my weight normalized - after a major weight gain I lost some of it again without any effort and am pretty happy now with my slightly heavier self.

    After such a long time of smoking, 3 months may not be long enough for breathing to normalize .... You do give me hope that it eventually will get better .

  • Aup Astrids its great to see you :) and still smokefree tooooo :) :)

    Anxiety seems to hit a lot of members on here when they quit :o but I think its got something to do with your breathing :o As in, you think when you stop smoking, your breathing gets better automaticly :) For me it did :) but I have found out that I must be very very lucky :)

    You've been smoking for 35 Years, soo, your body has to get rid of all that 35 Years worth of poisoning :o sooo, please just give it time :)

    We are all different Astrids, our bodies are all different, our minds are all different :o so it takes some of us longer to reap the benefits of quitting smoking :( but they will come in time :) :)

    Please stay with us Astrids, as Laines says, it will get easier :) :)

    Take care now :)

  • Hi Astrids well done for quitting! I suffered terribly from anxiety, this passed at approx 7 months but it has been the 12 month mark that seems to be the turning point for me. I remember quiting when I was in my early 30's and didn't suffer anywhere near as much as this time. I have put 2 stone on in the 12 months lol I've just manged to lose 5 lb! Good luck with the rest of your quit x

  • Thank you sooooo much again Laines for helping other members :) :) xx

  • That's fantastic well done 👍

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