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Strange question

Hey peeps. I have been quit smoking 4 months next week and I like many before me used to hate the smell of the cigarettes when I tried to go out and about.

The strange thing is that the last month or so I just haven't been able to smell it!! Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, just wondering why??

I can smell other things it's almost as if my nose has just tuned out that smell.

Does anyone have any ideas?? Or shall I just remain grateful for the weirdness of it??

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Thats a poser. I found when I first stopped the smell of smoke was pretty strong and disgusting. As time goes on I still dont like the smell but it isnt as noticeable as it used to be. Like you say weird. in a nice way.

Better get Monky to find your badge soon 4 months is brilliant. :) :)


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Hiya Winnietyson, you're lucky coz I'm like a sniffer dog picking up the scent and I hate the smell :D

Congratulations on your quit, you're doing brilliant :) x


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