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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Physical and psychological temptation will make you cranky. You may backslide on occasion and succumb to temptation. Set up a reward system for yourself, and try to be strong. You can do it.

Physical Effects of Quitting Smoking

•Expect to cough up lots of mucus as the lungs clear themselves out. Taste buds are no longer being dulled, so food will taste better . You will have fewer headaches and less stomach irritation.

Cravings Warnings

•Your body is physically addicted to nicotine, so it will go through some withdrawal. Stepping down with nicotine patches and nicotine gum can help. The cravings for nicotine often feel like hunger, so wait 10 to 15 minutes before eating to be sure.

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Identification of Weaknesses and Triggers

•Smoking has also become a psychological part of your life. You will want to have a cigarette with alcohol, coffee, after meals and when socializing with certain people or talking on the phone. Find another way to occupy your hands--suck on candy, chew gum or meditate with deep breaths until the situation has passed.

Time Frame of Triggers

•Some people are able to quit cold turkey, while others require more of a step-down program. Cravings will be strongest in the morning and at the three-day mark.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

•Once you get past these initial difficult parts of the withdrawal process, you will start feeling healthier and have more energy. Your body will also start to heal from all of the damage done by smoking, thus reducing the risk of long-term effects.


Throw away all your cigarettes and matches. Hide your lighters and ashtrays.

Visit the dentist and have your teeth cleaned to get rid of tobacco stains. Notice how nice they look, and resolve to keep them that way.

Make a list of things you'd like to buy for yourself or someone else. Estimate the cost in terms of packs of cigarettes, and put the money aside to buy these presents.

Keep very busy on the big day. Go to the movies, exercise, take long walks, go bike riding, Just keep busy.

Remind your family and friends that this is your quit date, and ask them to help you over the rough spots of the first couple of days and weeks.celebrate.

Develop a clean, fresh, nonsmoking environment around yourself - at work and at home. Buy yourself flowers - you may be surprised how much you can enjoy their scent now.

The first few days after you quit, spend as much free time as possible in places where smoking isn't allowed, such as libraries, museums, theaters, department stores, and churches. This is the most important time to stay focused. You don't want to be around smokers if possible.

Drink large quantities of water and fruit juice (but avoid sodas that contain caffeine).

Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and other beverages that you associate with cigarette smoking.

Strike up a conversation instead of a match for a cigarette.

If you miss the sensation of having a cigarette in your hand, play with something else, a pencil, a paper clip, a marble.

If you do miss having something in your mouth, Try picking up a bag of lolli pop's at the store. Try toothpicks or a fake cigarette. You could be amazed how much of your addiction is based on the habit form of hand-to-mouth.

Avoid temptation

Instead of smoking after meals, get up from the table and brush your teeth or go for a walk.

If you always smoke while driving, get rid of the cigarette lighter and ashtray, bring some juice to sip on, listen to a particularly interesting radio program or your favorite music, or take public transportation for a while, if you can.

For the first 1-3 weeks, avoid situations you strongly associate with the pleasurable aspects of smoking, such as watching your favorite TV program, sitting in your favorite chair, or having a cocktail before dinner.

Until you're confident of your ability to stay off cigarettes, limit your socializing to healthful, outdoor activities or situations where smoking isn't allowed.

If you must be in a situation where you'll be tempted to smoke (such as a cocktail or dinner party), try to associate with the nonsmokers there. Your not going to want to be socializing with a group of people that are going to go outside for a cigarette break.

Try to analyze cigarette ads to understand how they attempt to "sell" you on individual brands.

Keep busy, Wash clothes even the ones you havent worn for a while Stale tobacco smoke gets every where. Spring clean the house ,you will be surprised how much fresher and brighter your rooms will be, plus they will stay cleaner for longer.

Take up a hobby, or exercise. It really does help.

Join a quit forum like this one Quit support (healthunlocked)

Dont be frightened of asking for help no matter how trivial it may seem. :) :)

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