Good morning evryone, I hope you are all well .

BIG well done to droopy who has reached 6 months today. Pete has kindly got the badge and shined it up. So I have just posted it , 1st class delivery. :)

Well its mid week and quiet on here, perhaps everyone has gone out to vote for Monky

and put health and fitness before work. :D

Whatever your doing have a super day. Any problems just let us know. :) xx

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  • Hello all

    Droopy - Congratulations on your 6 months quit :) :) That is absolutely fantastic :) :) That is such a fantastic effort and you should be feeling very very proud of yourself.


  • Hi Lin, I hope you've had an easy day at work and are now chillaxing :) :)

  • Hello all,

    Congrats Droopy, half a year :) fantastic.

    I am stuck in work Jilly and it is quite busy at the moment so cant always get on :( x

  • Aup Al, hmmmm, I see that flippin work is getting in the way again gal :o :(

    Somebody should do something about this ere work thing eh :P :D :D

    Enjoy your gym session and not tooooooo much looking around at them hulks ;) :D :D

    Take care gal :)

  • I just need to find a rich man who will keep me lol..... more chance of platting fog :( x

  • Al, I'm afraid am out of that wish list gal, although a've got loads a screws and nails :o :D :D

  • Good afternoon Jillygirl and everybody :) :)

    I hope your all having a lovely smokefree day :)

    DroopyJ, a gispendousdousdous well done to you for reaching half a Year quit :) :) I hope your feeling as proud as I am gal :) :) I will let you walk around with your nose in the air now :o :D :D

    See's ya later :)

  • Ah thanks guys, can't believe its been 6 months :)

    I most definitely wouldn't have been able to achieve it without the support and belief from you guys...... oh what am I saying, it took patches, willpower and a shed load of Haribo's :O :p :D

    Seriously though, thank you to everyone for keeping me slightly sane for the past 6 months :)

  • Congratulations droopy!!!!

    You did it, you did it, you did it !!!

    Well done you star you :)

    We knew you would, so chuffed :)

    Celebration time :)


  • Ah thanks Betts, you sound more excited than I do :D :D :D

  • You are one cool cookie ;)

    :D :D

  • :D :D I wish :D

  • Good evening Droopy, juuuuuuust luuuuuuuv your new badge gal :) :) :)

    A little something for you :o :) :)


    1 for now and 1 for later :) :) xx

  • I know its fandabidosie :)

    yeah I drank em both already... :P

    you must be 4 months soon eh???? and my sis briar is gonna be the same as me next week ??? keeps ya busy eh?? :)

  • Soooooooo Droopy, you flippin drank both already then :o :P huh, dint save me none :P :P :D :D

    Aint bothered anyway, cos ave got a flippin shed load for mysen seeeee :P :P


    Yep, am 4 months quit on the 27th :) :)

    Ermmm, who's Briar then :o :D :D

  • Burp.... oops sorry its the bubbles :P :)

    Man that is one big shed :) how you doing monky and thanks for getting me my badge, does it not come in any other colour mister adminininin ..:O :)

  • Hmmmmm, what sort of colour would Madam like :o

    I will have to go and have a play at Admininininin again :o :D :D

  • well they are a bit grey..... I think they should be a bit more colourful..... you could have pink background for the girls and blue for the boys and green for the not sures :) hehehehe

  • :D :D :D

    I wonder where Briar is ?? I've found some kiddies :o :D :D


  • Hi All, Massive Congratulations Droopy, HALF A YEAR that's absolutely FANTASTIC :)

    You are doing so BRILLIANT coz I know you nic free as well, so major credit to you hun :)

    YOU did all the hard work so be very PROUD of yourself coz I'm PROUD of you :)

    Well done and sorry I'm late on hear, been a hectic day :)


  • Thank hun, I is proud :) next week is yours..... whoohoo cant wait to see what mister adminininin comes up with for you :) :P

  • Well I won't be here as on my hols, so maybe I could just party with you now or I'll have to wait an extra week, what do ya reckon :D x

  • encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/...

    Er both me thinks..... :P which end do ya wanna start?? Ive had two already that monky got for me earlier :)

  • Both ends at once :D :D x

  • :D :D :D

  • OOOOH how was your granddaughters birthday and your trip to the zoo go, hope monky didn't scare her tooo much :P

  • :P :P

  • Had a great day thanks but I'm totally wrecked and I've a huge clean up to do now, but it was worth it :) x

  • Just get hubby to do it for you like normally :P :P :D :D

  • I wish :O :P

    How was your day monkey and yes thanks droopy I'll leave it for you to do tomorrow :D sounds good :D x

  • where you off to on your hols??? how is your friend doing today ? :)

  • Palma, Majorca on Friday, so will visit my friend tomorrow and then pack and hopefully be ready to go Friday, yippee :) x

  • oh how lovely.... haven't been there in years, hopefully the weather will be good for you - lovely to be going smoke free :) bring as back a bottle of sangria :P :P

  • I wish I was going nic free and then I wouldn't have to worry about charging ecig but hey, I did consider going without it and then thought maybe not a good idea yet :( x

  • Bring it wiv ya..... you never know you might not need it, but if you do then you've got it wiv ya :)

  • :) :)

  • leave it for tomorrow - Im off so can give you a hand :D

  • or you can leave it for your hubby.... mmmm or monky is off maybe he can help out hubby :P :P

  • Yeah that's a better offer :D x

  • I aint got no time tomozz, cos am very buzy seeeeee :o :D :D

  • your only pottering around in your shed.... :O

  • Nooooooo, my garage which is considerably bigger than a shed seeeeee :P :P

  • Sooooo takes more pottering eh :o

  • Yeah whatever???????? :O :P

  • Too busy for me :( :( x

  • Soooo Briar, you going away for a month then :o :) :) xx

  • Nah, couldn't leave ya all for that long coz I might be tempted :D x

  • hmpf wot sort of mister admininin is he anyway???? don't worry Briar you can rely on me....... I'll find you someone to help you clear up :O :D

  • Alrite alrite, a nose when am beat :o :P

    I'll nip around when your asleep Briar ;) :| :D :D xxxxxxxx

  • ooooh Briar - your in for a treat :O :P :D

  • Mmmmmm, can't wait :D x

  • I can do oooooovering, but thats noisy eh :o I can also do dustin, but tend to break china ornaments :( :D :D xx

  • mmmm I thinks you are just trying to wiggle out of it :O :)

  • What at my age gal :o :D :D :D

  • lol :D

  • Sorry, got company, see ya later :) :) xx

  • is that euphemism for something else ..... :O :O :P

  • He doesn't want to do any housework by the looks of things huh and hubby on strike as well, men huh, :D :)

  • yep that's why I lives on my ownsome.... :O :)

  • Yeah you very clever Lady :D :) x

  • sometimes.... !

    Well lovely lady I is off as my laptop is about to go off :( If I don't speak to ya before you go off, I hope you have a lovely relaxing time on your hols :)

    I look forward to seeing your snaps :)

    Sleep well and Ill send you some relaxing hols hugs in case mister monky don't come back :O :P

    Glolin if your about, good morning and hope you enjoy your Thursday

    Nighty nite everyone :)


  • Thanks just lovin that pic and note note 6 month special lady droopy :) x

  • LOL..... is that note note catching??? do I need to see a doctor???? do you need to see a doctor??? I think monkyyyy should definitely see a doctor .... :O :P

  • Yes we are all mad but I love Betts note note so have adopted it :D notey note :D :) x

  • I think its fantabulous :) -x- o

  • Just popped on after watching football with my boys here. Very disappointing result :( I'd cheer myself up with chocolate but am fasting :o for tomorrows blood test :o . A double whammy!!

    You're probably all in bed now, but I just thought I'd wish you a good noty note :)

    Sweet dreams all :)

  • Notey note Betts, yes the fasting is a nuisance but good luck tomorrow and have a good notes sleep :D

    I caught this off you ya know :D

    Hugs to help you sleep :)

    Notey note :) x

  • Thanks Briar, I'll be brave :o

    Hugs and sweet dreams flying to you :) x

  • Notey note Briar and Droopy and of course a big notey note to Betts :) :)

    Sorry I missed you and the cleaning up eh :o :D :D

    Sweet dreams everybody and loads a sleep well huggs heading your ways if you want em :) :) xx

  • Note note monky :)

    Hugs to you too xx

  • Notey note Monky, of course I always want your hugs, thanks :)

    Don't know how I'll get to sleep next week without them :D x

  • Mmmmmmm.......


    Dreaming already........

  • Oh yeah I'm lovin that Betts, thanks :) x

  • OH Droopy Congratulations well done! you should be very proud xx Brilliant xx

  • Thanks Hun :)

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